Guess Who: Bollywood Camp Thinks This Couple Is Fake

A bollywood camp's members think that this new couple is fake. Can you guess the celebs Rajeev Masand is talking about?
Guess Who: Bollywood Camp Thinks This Couple Is Fake

Rajeev Masand has published a blind item in Open The Magazine about a bollywood camp which thinks this new couple is just a ploy to distract attention from the actress’ affair with a married man.

She is born rich. Her family is into the food business. They own several restaurants. But she & her brother were bitten by the acting bug. Both of them are struggling since the past few years. While she keeps getting the odd lead role in a movie or a web series, she is definitely not an A-lister. Her heavy frame is considered to be one of the reasons. Her brother was last seen in a superstar’s movie. It is rumored that he has been throwing tantrums despite the movie not being a huge hit(it was a semi-hit).

We wonder why she had to get involved with a married man. The man in question doesn’t have a thriving career. He is living off his brother’s reflected glory. He had eloped with his business partner’s sister & had gotten married. Several years of marriage & a few kids later, he started cheating on her. It is rumored that he used to hook up with other married woman regularly. It is only when he started getting involved with an actress he came under the spotlight.

The actress’ new BF is a director. He was involved with an ex-beauty queen. He used to be her flavor of the season. But like many of her other BF’s, she lost interest in him. A source once told me that her second child is in fact fathered by this director!

Blind Item

A clutch of catty, cynical Bollywoodwalas can’t even summon up enthusiasm for those that seem to have found love. Earlier this week, two young filmis made their relationship public through a social media exchange, and while many expressed their wishes to the couple, a camp comprising insiders exchanged WhatsApp messages insisting the actress is merely using this relationship as a foil to distract attention from the married man (now separated) whom she’s been reportedly carrying on with for some time—and, they insist, she’s still very much with him.

Oh, to be one of those who can’t find it within them to believe in love. Sad.

Our Guess

Couple: Huma Qureshi & Muddassar Aziz

Married Man: Sohail Khan

Camp: Kareena Kapoor & Gang





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