Guess Who: Female Star’s Affair With Married Actor Is Over

This female star's obssessive affair with a married actor is over, after his wife gave an ultimatum. Can you guess the celebs Spotboye is talking about?
Guess Who: Female Star’s Affair With Married Actor Is Over

Spotboye has published a blind item about a female star whose obsessive affair with a married actor is over.

We thought about it & Spotboye has gone ahead & published it. This female star was mentored by a married superstar. It was an open secret that they were having an affair. The wife knew about it. They had a huge fight when he had a party at home & invited his mistress over. She managed to bag a plum project all thanks to him. But sadly it flopped. Her co-star from her debut movie meanwhile bagged movies on her own merit & has carved a niche for herself. But recently the female star in question has managed to bag a project which doesn’t involve the married superstar in anyway. It was even rumored that the married superstar was paying her rent.

We personally don’t think that the wife’s ultimatum was the reason why the superstar has broken up with the female star. We think he finally got bored of her. They were together for quite sometime & if his past record is anything to go by she has been lucky. Many of his previous flings got over within a month’s time. He used to even make his directors include a smooching scene in his movies. Our sources confirm that this married superstar is a womanizer who has hooked up with several of his co-stars. One source even claimed that there was another woman in the picture at the time he was aving affair with the female star in question. He was three timing his wife! The third woman was not an actress.

Blind Item

She was in love with this married actor, with whom she has shared screen a couple of times. However, the affair has ended now and both are not in touch with each other.

Finally, this Bollywood actress’ obsession for this married actor has come to an end. She is young and have acted in a couple of films with him, where the love blossomed. As they grew fond of each other, their affair could not be hidden from actor’s wife for long. She put her foot down and told him it’s either her way or the highway. The husband chose his wife and bid goodbye to his ladylove. She too resigned herself to her fate and chose to lay low instead of talking ill about him in her circle or the media. It’s been 4-5 months that they have not stayed in touch.

Our Guess

Married Actor: Aamir Khan

Actress: Fatima Sana Shaikh





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