Guess Who: Reason Behind Another Actress Being Cast For A Movie

This is the reason why another actress was signed up for a big upcoming movie project. Can you guess the celebs Pinkvilla is talking about?
Guess Who: Reason Behind Another Actress Being Cast For A Movie

Pinkvilla has published a blind item about the reason why a top actress was replaced by another actress in a big movie project.

Seems like while the young heartthrob is getting lucky with women, good luck seems to be elude him when it comes to his career. He is working on one movie, which has been delayed by almost a year. This other project which he agreed to star in opposite an ex, again got delayed due to various reasons. One of them being that the director was outed in the MeToo movement. His ex-GF was called out for agreeing to star in a movie being made by the tainted filmmaker. There were rumors that the movie might get shelved. But looks like the project is back on track & another actress ahs been signed on to play the female lead. While this other actress too is a star, her casting will not have the impact of the original choice.

We recently published a blind item, where we mentioned that this other actress is still hooking up with her ex-BF. Her ex-bf has been in the news for his stance on a contentious issue raging across the nation. We wonder whether her steady date – a renowned photographer is aware about it.

Blind Item

This actress was locked to play the leading role in this biggie which was announced a few months back. Everything was on track, until the filmmaker backing the project decided to change the screenplay of the film and the role apparently lost some of its charm it had in the initial drafts.

On the other hand, the starting date of the film was also moved around a couple of times which didn’t make matters easier either. With all these changes the actress was approached with another film and she liked it. With no dates allotted to the first film, the actress gave her dates to this new film that she was offered.

But the filmmaker came back asking for the same dates for his film but by that time things had gotten out of the actress’ hands. The actress hence left the film and another actress came in to her role now. How things change in a heartbeat in the industry!

Our Guess

Actress: Deepika Padukone

Filmmaker: Luv Ranjan

Another Actress: Shraddha Kapoor





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