Guess Who: Superstar’s Sister Is Not Fond Of His GF

This superstar's sister is not ready to put up with his GF of several years. Can you guess the celebs Mumbai Mirror is talking about?
Guess Who: Superstar’s Sister Is Not Fond Of His GF

Mumbai Mirror has published a blind item about a superstar’s sister not ready to put up with his GF.

This superstar’s family literally lives off him. Had it not been for him, most of them would be jobless. All are mini celebs & part of the industry thanks to him. For some reason, they never seem to get along with any of his GF’s. This combined with his own commitment phobia has led to him being single at 50+. There have been news reports which have hinted at his family not being eager to see him getting married. After all him getting married would mean that they would have little say over his huge wealth. But rumor has it that he may be adopting a kid soon.

The sister in question continues to swipe her brother credit cards left, right & centre despite getting married. Her husband’s career too is at her brother’s mercy. Nobody in the industry is ready to bet money on him as the leading man. The least the sister could have done is to put up with her brother’s GF, even if she isn’t fond of him.

The superstar we heard is anxious over the release of his upcoming film. He needs the movie to be a huge success to cement his position as the box office king. Another superstar who is having a golden run at the box office is posing a threat.

Blind Item

THIS superstar’s girlfriend has literally become a part of his clan and has started making appearances at parties without him. She tags along with his relatives and stays buried in her phone through the evening. Given the leading actor’s multiple commitments, this arrangement seemed to be the best option. Until recently, that is. We hear the actor’s sister has expressed reluctance to put up with the big brother’s PYT. So much so, that at a recent birthday party, the two ladies occupied separate corners right until it was time to leave. And we thought the mother would be tough to crack.

Our Guess

Superstar: Salman Khan

Sister: Arpita

GF: Lulia





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