Guess Who: The Stork Is Visiting This Actress

The stork is visiting this pretty actress. She is pregnant & is getting ample rest due to the lockdown. Can you guess the celebs Mumbai Mirror is talking about?
Guess Who: The Stork Is Visiting This Actress

Mumbai Mirror has published a blind item about this lovely actress who is pregnant.

While one actress is visiting fertility specialists to get pregnant, another one has been luckier. We think this blind item is about a star kid-actress. She is back to being active on social media. She has been battling right wing trolls on social media. She has been shrewd to hob nob with the PM & attack his supporters on social media.

A source who worked for the PR company told us she is a complete bimbo. She is well versed with fashion. The source who worked with her during the making of a biographical movie – her one true success, rightly claimed back then that she is tailor made for the role of the air hostess. The role required her to look good & wear a fancy unform like an air hostess does. Her directors are often fed up of the lack of her acting talents. Her network or rather her father’s goodwill has ensured that she keeps getting roles. Frankly, she has improved a lot over the years. But she would have been no where had it not been for her father.

Blind Item

STAY-at-home is exactly what the doctor would have ordered for this pretty actor. While no one close to her is confirming the news, we hear the stork is visiting this lovely lady. We’ll hold on to our congratulations until after the lockdown.

Our Guess

Actor: Sonam Kapoor





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