Guess Who: This Actor Is Throwing An Unnecessary Tantrum

This female star is throwing an unnecessary tantrum over her co-star's role. Can you guess the celebs Mumbai Mirror is talking about?
Guess Who: This Actor Is Throwing An Unnecessary Tantrum

Mumbai Mirror has published a blind item about a female star who is throwing an unnecessary tantrum.

We have mentioned earlier how actors are a very insecure lot. While it is well known that male stars edit out parts of their co-stars, looks like even female stars are guilty of this crime. It is the first time this actress has been accused of something like this. Maybe her incessant weight gain might have made her insecure. Her weight has limited the roles that are offered to her & she won’t let this few films old actress steal her thunder. It doesn’t help that there are rumors of turmoil in her marriage. But we haven’t heard of those issues for a long time. Maybe her 3 time divorcee husband has come around.

Meanwhile the actor who will play the daughter is doing rather well for herself. She is bagging more projects than her co-star in her debut film. While her debut film co-star is banking heavily on her superstar mentor’s clout, this actress is making it on her own steam. She starred in a big hit opposite bollywood’s current “IT boy”. She has been appreciated for her performances in other projects as well. Looks like she has a bright future.

Blind Item

THIS powerhouse female actor, who plays the character of a beloved real-life go-getter in an upcoming film, just had what we call an unnecessary tantrum. As hers is the title role, she insists on slashing the long monologues of her co-actor playing her daughter. Considering the junior is rather gifted, the editing table stories are getting rather annoying.

Our Guess

Female Actor: Vidya Balan

Co-Actor: Sanya Malhotra





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