Guess Who: This Hero Puts Up An Act Of Being Humble

This action hero puts up a fake act of being all humble & nice. It is all fake. Can you guess the celeb Mumbai Mirror is talking about?
Guess Who: This Hero Puts Up An Act Of Being Humble

Mumbai Mirror has published a blind item about a hero who puts up a fake act of being humble.

Our sources have always kept telling us that this actor is very rude & arrogant. But anyone who watches one of interviews will totally buy his fake act of being all humble. An actress who is rumored to be his GF too apparently chides him for his fake act. Fans who run up to him for autographs have complained of him being arrogant time & again.

But his star is on the rise. His latest movie opened well & was on course to being a hit. But the coronavirus outbreak ruined it. The movie is likely to do well once the coronavirus episode ends.

As per some sources he has bought a huge house for himself, with all the money that he has been making. If his box office prowess is something to go by, he is here to stay for atleast a decade.

Blind Item

WHILE the world thinks this handsome actor is doing rather well for himself with his good-boy image, those who work closely with him have another take on him. They say his constant humble act is just a façade and he is rather ambitious and arrogant. Especially since he doesn’t want to be spoken of in the same breath as his one-time mentor, now a flop star. The young man also doesn’t want to be positioned in the same bracket as other young stars, but insists on being spoken of as a mass action hero like Salman Khan.

Our Guess

Handsome Actor: Tiger Shroff

Flop Star: ?





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