Guess Who: This Sexy Actress Is Heartbroken

This sexy actress is heartbroken after her married beau dumped her for the sake of his family. Can you guess the celebs Spotboye is talking about?
Guess Who: This Sexy Actress Is Heartbroken

Spotboye has published a blind item about an actress who is left heartbroken after her married beau dumped her.

We have written several blind items on this affair, even some OI Originals. This breakup was bound to happen. Any lesser woman would have accepted defeat. But when you when a mom who herself is quite a player herself, you are well equipped to checkmate any other woman.

While the husband who is a philanderer has had several flings in the past, things never got as serious as with this mainly TV actress. But his movie star wife saw it coming & threatened him with dire consequences. As we have mentioned earlier, the husband is a shady businessman who has connections with the underworld. The wife threatened to squeal all that information if he ever dared to divorce her.

On the other hand, her efforts to have another baby paid off. After several miscarriages, they finally succeeded by taking the surrogacy route. An additional family member also meant a bigger alimony cheque.

The husband must have taken all these things into account, before deciding to stick with his wife.

Blind Item

In a love triangle, especially involving married parties, there ought to be heartbreaks. An extremely sexy actress, who was a part of a famous biopic too, has been feeling down and out after her married boyfriend has called off the relationship. A li’l birdie tells us that it was his wife who gave her straying husband an ultimatum to stop with his philandering ways and tell the woman in his life that all’s over! Hmm, not left with much choice, as he certainly didn’t want to leave his famous wife and family, this man told the actress that their relationship has reached its expiry date! And since then she has been drenching pillows with tears.

Our Guess

Sexy Actress: Karishma Tanna

Married BF: Raj Kundra





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