Guess Who: This Sports Biopic Runs Into Trouble

This recently announced sports biopic, to be directed by a hit filmmaker runs into trouble. Can you guess the celebs Mumbai Mirror is talking about?
Guess Who: This Sports Biopic Runs Into Trouble

Mumbai Mirror has published a blind item about the son of a sportstar on whom a biopic is being made creating trouble.

There is only one movie which fits the bill for this blind item. There has been one successful cricket based biopic before & there is another one up for release. Will the makers have anything new to say in this one? Time will tell.

The fact that the movie will be directed by the most successful director in the industry makes it a sure-shot hit. It will be interesting to see, who ends up playing the legendary cricketer. It’s world cup winning moments won’t have much novelty as it will be extensively covered in the upcoming cricket movie. But nevertheless, we are sure the talented director will have to lots to say through his movie. We are eager to find out, how the fans react to the tainted director getting back to directing movies, after being outed in the MeToo movement.

Blind Item

A major movie about a leading sports person has just been announced. The film is said to be produced by a big-ticket studio and is rumoured to be directed by a blockbuster filmmaker. While the film has ‘superhit’ written all over it, thanks to its overriding theme, it has already run into a spot of trouble. One of the subject’s sons has sent a legal notice to the studio saying he has not given the rights to the film, and only his sibling has. Oh well, these matters have a remarkable way out settling out of court.

Our Guess

Movie: Lala Amarnath biopic

Filmmaker: Rajkumar Hirani





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