Guess Who: This Star Flew Down A Critic From Dubai

This star flew down a critic from Dubai, for the sake of a favorable review of his film. Can you guess the celebs Spotboye is talking about?
Guess Who: This Star Flew Down A Critic From Dubai

Spotboye has published a blind item about a star who flew down a critic from Dubai to review one of his films.

Actors are one of the most insecure people in the world. We often ask our friends to not give any attention whatsoever, when they bump into actors abroad. It rattles them no end to see a desi not running after them for autographs/selfies. But this trick works only abroad. This blind item too is about an actor going out of his way for the sake of a good review.

It is an opens secret that celebs wine n dine with critics for the sake of good reviews. Many are paid hefty sums for favorable reviews. Some critics are so eccentric that they will write bad reviews if you don’t turn up at their parties or events. A source who works for a PR company told us about how celebs abuse the hell out of critics who give them a bad review, but have to be polite to them in person. But then again it is not like it is these critics who determine the success or failure of a movie. The list of hit movies, which opened to negative reviews from critics is endless. But very few celebs have the gumption to show the middle finger to the big critics.

Blind Item

So there’s this actor that perhaps you and I both are fond of. But you see, he was terribly insecure sometime ago because he hadn’t tasted success since quite some time. He wanted good reviews for his film as well, and so he even sent a plane ticket to a well-known reviewer in Dubai to come and watch the film in Mumbai. The reviewer argued with him that he will see it in Dubai, but the actor insisted on Mumbai explaining that the Mumbai version was shorter and crisper. The reviewer was flown back and the actor put his head on the pillow for a goodnight’s sleep. But lo! What lay in store took the daylights out of him when he woke up the next morning around noon to see that the reviewer in question had thrashed his film left, right and centre! Woh kehte hain, some people don’t like free lunches.

Our Guess

Actor: Hrithik Roshan

Critic: KRK

Movie: War





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