Guess Who: Veteran Filmmaker’s Comeback Sold To OTT

This veteran filmmaker's movie has been sold by a studio to an OTT platform. Can you guess the celebs Mumbai Mirror is talking about?
Guess Who: Veteran Filmmaker’s Comeback Sold To OTT

Mumbai Mirror has published a blind item about a veteran filmmaker whose comeback movie has been sold to an OTT platform.

This highly opinionated filmmaker has been a part of the industry for a long time. He had an ear for music & all his movies had great music. He never missed a chance to milk his affair with a schizophrenic actress. Eventually, people got bored of his biopics on the same subjects & his movies started flopping. Barring this one movie in question, there are no movies that his production house was working on.

Many cite this filmmaker’s example when they speak about the big fishes of Bollywood who escaped the MeToo movement. Many sources have informed us about how this filmmaker is rumored to have slept with almost all his finds – male & female. Our sources inform us that except for the hit machine relative, you can rest assured that none were spared.

As luck would have it, his own daughter has never been at the receiving end such sleaziness at the hands of other filmmakers. She has a Bollywood bigshot as her mentor. No one would dare to even think of laying a finger on her.

Blind Item

A veteran filmmaker was all set for a mega comeback with a sequel to one of his most popular films. A major film studio had shown keenness and backed the project, making it one of the biggest ventures to be produced recently. However, with all the purses tightening their strings because of the lockdown, the filmmaker has been told his magnum opus will be sold to a streamer. We are heartbroken to see the poor gent heartbroken

Our Guess

Filmmaker: Mahesh Bhatt

Studio: Fox Star

Movie: Sadak2

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