Indian Matchmaking – Review

Netflix's Indian Matchmaking has been the most talked-about show post its release on Netflix. Read the show's review by Purvi.
Indian Matchmaking – Review

Netflix’s Indian Matchmaking has been the most talked-about show post its release on Netflix. Read the show’s review by Purvi.

Indian Matchmaking is a program in which Sima Taparia guides the clients in India and the United States in the arrange marriage process, offering an inside look at the customs in today’s world. In the show, Sima Taparia has some clients including both girls and boys among which she tries to find a match. I would say it’s a funny show. It portrays regressive outdated concepts and if those were eliminated it wouldn’t have been realistic.

The show also demonstrates how an independent, self-made and successful businesswoman, Ankita, who has been repeatedly told she has little worth because she is over-weight and not fair-skinned. Her arc in the show clearly conveys that the match-making system is ludicrous as she is a catch but the conventional system completely overlooks her.

The show selects well off people in the US and flat-out rich families in India. It helps point out that this isn’t just some small section of Indian society but applies to educated and well-to-do parts of the Indian Diasporas.
The show is enjoyable; there are a lot of funny moments. But I read somewhere that the matches made on the show are not together after the show. I was like what the point of the show? But then the job of a matchmaker is to bring people together, and the people decide whether to stay or not.

I would definitely recommend that you watch this show with your entire family!

Our Rating: (4.5 / 5)

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