Katrina and Vicky-New B-Town Romance?

Are Katrina and Vicky another sensational couple or are they just rumours? Read our article to find out more and let us know your opinions.
Katrina and Vicky-New B-Town Romance?

No one is a stranger to Katrina Kaif and Vicky Kaushal.

Katrina and Vicky-New B-Town Romance?
Are they together?

We love them, we wish we could actually be friends with them. So what happens when they are seen together on a few occasions?

We let our imaginations run wild and start to think if they’re dating. Even when sources close to them and Neha Dhupia herself said negative, we still are questioning it.

Sources say that both of them are “super single” but what caught our attention was the line that the still flirt when they’re together. That must mean that there is some truth to the rumours.

Even if they left the Diwali party together only to take separate cars, who knows where the cars actually went. Maybe they did that to deceive the media. Being in the spotlight for many years, one does end up learning a few tricks to escape the paparazzi who have sworn to live by every word of Gaga’s song paparazzi.

Rumours of them being co-stars did not help the negatives once told.

There are no confirmations to the movie, only their solo projects which we are eagerly waiting for.

But just as there’s no final word on their combined project, there is no final word on the status of their relationship either. Are they or are they not, that’s where it’s at still.

Flirting when they meet and are together, even if not serious, can turn into something serious. No one ever knows what might happen in the future but if we analyse what we know and the undeniable chemistry between the two, there’s a chance. I wad bad at school chemistry, not couple chemistry.

Single and bust might even be just a tag that they have decided to live by if they actually are dating though various sources close to them have been questionably quick and fast to deny anything related to them being together and dating.

Maybe we are overthinking this and there is actually nothing going on. Maybe they actually are just good friends with a harmless flirtationship.

Or maybe, just maybe, they are together and have decided to be quiet about their relationship till they are ready and sure of debuting as a couple to the public.

Either way, just like Gossip Girl loved to gossip, we love to analyse the clues and come with reasonings and possibilities, all logical of course.

Whatever their relationship status may be, pictured will keep on falling on our laps to make deductions out of and we definitely will not let even one of them just slide by us.

Bollywood is always buzzing with so much news that it is difficult to know what is true and what is not. Because of this the truth somehow manages to slide by and become an old and forgotten part of the past.

Precisely why we are vigilant and our eyes are set on these two to uncover the truth about their relationship and let everyone know what is actually going on in Bollywood.





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