Koki Poochega Review

Kartik Aaryan's Koki Poochega has been the talk of the town. Is it worth your time? Read our review by Purvi to find out.
Koki Poochega Review

Kartik Aaryan’s Koki Poochega has been the talk of the town. Is it worth your time? Read our review by Purvi to find out.

‘Koki Poochega’ is Kartik Aryan’s YouTube Channel, in which he drops hilarious BTS and also tries to talk about health issues. I was wondering what this title means but after seeing the hilarious video of Kartik Aryan’s mother interrupting his recording of ‘Koki Poochega’ it made sense. Kartik has been entertaining his followers on social media with ‘Koki Poochega’ interview wherein he interacts with Covid-19 warriors.

Recently, he shared a clip on Instagram wherein one of his sessions is hilariously interrupted y his mother Dr Mala Tiwari. While he was busy setting up the camera for a recording, his mother calls him out ‘Koki’, replying to her Kartik says, ‘Haan mummy, interview le raha hoon. And Kartik’s mother has a hilarious response to it as she questions, ‘Le raha hai ki de raha hai.

Kartik has also extended financial support for Covid-19 relief. He pledged Rs 1 crore to PM-Cares Fund. ‘It is an absolute need of the hour to rise together as a nation. Whatever I am, whatever money I have earned, is only because of the people of India, and for us, I am contributing Rs. 1 crore to the PM-Cares Fund. I urge all my fellow Indians also to help as much as possible’, Kartik shared.

‘Koki Poochega’ is a good approach by Kartik Aryan to entertain as well as let people know about the Covid-19 warriors. Through this channel, people can know the actual scenario and what the warriors are going through to keep us safe. I like the way Kartik addresses and talks with the doctors and the cops in his interviews. He is so friendly and genuine to them. I would request all of you guys to check his channel and know about the real warriors of India.





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