Masaba Masaba – Review

Masaba Masaba is Netflix's latest Indian title based on the life of celeb fashion designer - Masaba Gupta. Read our review to find out whether we liked it!
Masaba Masaba – Review

I just finished watching the new Netflix show Masaba Masaba which is the life story of the designer Masaba herself turned into a delectable comedy. The show depicts the day to day account of mother and daughter without being overwhelmed by the character at any point. It is not overly preachy or emotional.

The show is about Masaba’s personal & professional struggles. Her real-life divorce is shown in detail. But there is no mention of her difficult childhood as a half-black kid while growing up in conservative India.

The direction of the show is taut and situations are witty. The cast and crew have done a convincing job and while Neena Gupta is always charming and a delight on-screen, the real surprise was Masaba Gupta herself. It is a wonderful performance & surprised us with her acting skills. Her face is expressive and her style is perfect. She is such a powerful presence on-screen that I wish to see her in some movies as well.

Giriraj Rao, makes who a guest appearance as usual is a delight to watch. Mithila Palkar, Kiara Advani, Farah Khan appear as parody versions of themselves. Neil Bhoopalam is good in his role as Masaba’s boss. Rytasha Rathore plays the quintessential bestie & is a complete natural. Pooja Bedi plays a superstar wife-psychiatrist/healer – a character who seems to be inspired from Twinkle Khanna & some other such celebs.

The show is nice and entertaining. There has been a recent trend of showcasing daily lives which has more material for entertainment than a story with a beginning & an end. This show is about two contrasting environments but finding delight in daily chores. There isn’t much to say about the plot but the crisp script and wonderful performances make it a compelling watch.

This show is no masterpiece. But we couldn’t stop ourselves from bingeing on it! We must give credit to writer-director Sonam Nair for makes us eagerly await the second season & building anticipation by ending the first season on a cliffhanger. We would definitely recommend this show, especially if you liked Four More Shots Please, Veere Di Wedding, Sex & The City, etc.

Script: (4 / 5)
Dialogues: (4 / 5)
Cast: (4.5 / 5)
Overall Rating: (4 / 5)





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