SSR’s Death: The Killers Who Got Away

There are many who are the cause behind the stress that celebs including SSR faced, but no one is naming or shaming them. Read our article to find out who these people are!
SSR’s Death: The Killers Who Got Away

There are many who are the cause behind the stress that celebs including SSR faced, but no one is naming or shaming them. Read our article to find out who these people are!

It has been more than a month since Sushant Singh Rajput – a talented outsider committed suicide. His suicide shook the nation. People were bewildered & wondered as to why a talented, good looking, successful man like SSR would commit suicide. Bollywood nepotism, bullying were assumed to be the culprits. Celebs like Karan Johar, Aditya Chopra, Salman Khan, Alia Bhatt, Sonam Kapoor, the blind item culture, etc were pronounced guilty & shamed by the masses.

While we have to wait for the police investigation to get over to find out as to who really were the culprits, there are many who are not even on the public or the cops radar. The cops too are not naming any of these culprits in their investigation.

Here is the list of people/entities who also need to be looked at

1. Mainstream Media

The mainstream media which includes print publications, TV channels & their digital arms are the biggest reasons for stress for celebs. They follow each & every move of top celebs & write/talk about their every move. While they can praise a celeb to skies if they think that they did something right, they can be outright nasty if the celeb makes one small mistake.

If a celeb as much as repeats a top/shirt nasty article gets written about & published in newspapers the very next day & or are covered by TV news channels that very evening. Celebs often complain about how nasty entertainment/fashion journos can be to celebs who don’t dress up well to an awards show or a party. Celebs are under pressure to look good if even they go for a stroll inside their apartment complex as some entertainment journo with a camera may capture their without makeup/shabby t-shirt look, which will make it to the next day’s newspapers to the evening news. The 24hr news channels have made their lives hell. This pressure to always look good adds a great amount of pressure on the celebs. Celebs are a hugely insecure lot.

Not just their dressing, looks, the performances of celebs too are dissected by entertainment journos. If a Karan Johar or Aditya Chopra is guilty of bullying, then so are these entertainment journos. These entertainment journos too have to be wined, dined in order to get favorable reviews. We remember one actress speaking about how she started getting attacked by a vile journo for not turning up at her party.

But none of these entertainment journos are under the scanner. But one can’t completely blame them. Read on to know why

2. Social Media Trolls

Many celebs refuse to have a presence on social media due to the constant trolling, hateful remarks they have to face on a daily basis. Every big celeb has his share of fans, as well as haters. While fans shower them with love, the hateful remarks of haters consciously or sub-consciously hurt the celeb.

Celebs are subjected to nasty comments by trolls on social media. Each & every body part of theirs gets commented on. Its this level of trolling which makes these celebs opt for cosmetic surgeries. They then get called out for opting for these surgeries as well. But it is still a lot more bearable than being called “flat-chested” or “kaali(dark skinned)” or “fat”.

Bigots trolls – both Hindus & Muslims, are very harsh to celebs. Every Muslim celeb who shows respect towards hindu gods or posts a bikini pic gets trolled by Muslim fans, who go on to lecture them about their religion. Any celeb be it Hindu or Muslim who even dares to comment on any Hindu custom gets labeled as anti-hindu or Pakistani or love jihad victim or an urban nasal. While everybody is entitled to their opinions posting such hurtful comments on social media which even the celeb might end up reading should not be encouraged.

Sushant Singh Rajput himself was at the receiving end of right-wing trolls due to his stance of standing by Deepika Padukone during the Padmaavat controversy.

Celeb trolls like KRK continue to target celebs they don’t like on a daily basis. Their posts continue to get thousands of likes/retweets.

3. Fan Accounts

Many Bollywood fan accounts have mushroomed on social media. Every major celeb has his share of fan accounts. While sometimes celebs instigate their fans to attack another celeb, a lot of times fans start wars among themselves. Take the case of Salman & Shahrukh fans who were at loggerheads for several years. While the two stars always spoke highly of each other, their fans never wasted a chance to pull the other celeb down.

4. Audiences

We have time & again mentioned how audiences are big time hypocrites. While they never bothered to encourage Sushant when he was alive, they suddenly are bothered about the injustice meted out to him. The same audiences did not bother to go to the theatres to watch Sonchiriya – a well-made film with a stellar cast. They decided to watch the pirated copy of the movie on their phones instead. They chose to watch no-brainer films like Housefull4, Total Dhamaal, Simmba, etc.

We refuse to believe that Bollywood lacks talent. While Bollywood has what it takes to make an Inception, or a Matrix, or a Jurassic World, the audiences are ready for it. If a Bollywood star attempted these movies they most probably would bomb at the box office.

It is ironic how the audiences who made superstars out of the star kids are now promising to boycott the movies starring them. The audiences who promised to watch every film starring outsiders did not bother to watch the trailer of Vidyut Jammwal’s Yaara. There is no way these audiences will spend INR 140-500 on a movie just because it stars an outsider. Their actions are just not in sync with their words.

The people fighting for justice for SSR, will like, follow social media handles which post pics of actresses’ cleave when she bends over at a public event, or an awards function. A social media handle which posts regular news without gossip will barely get any followers. The audiences will continue to like, retweet harsh, hurtful, nasty comments by a KRK or a Shobhaa De. They will continue to watch the first day, first show movies which have a celeb with underworld links or a sleazeball/sex pest, or GF/wife-beater playing the lead despite knowing everything about their beloved celeb. Any attempt to educate them will earn you a label of being a supporter of a rival celeb or a liar. They will continue to watch no brainer movies in droves, watch good thought-provoking movies after they release on an OTT platform. They will then comment on how Bollywood is no match to Hollywood or how star kids with no talent have become superstars. They will read & support everything about SSR now that he is dead, but will not bother to read/support talented outsiders like Amit Sadh, Ali Fazal, etc who are yet to get their due. For audiences, regret is stronger than gratitude.

It is only after SSR’s death that the audiences have realized how well-educated SSR was & how other celebs are just 10th-12th pass. How acting has anything to do with a good education is beyond us. Do you go through a celeb’s qualifications before you decide to like his/her performance in a movie? That’s like saying that every cricketer needs to be well educated before being selected to play for the nation!

The audiences need to change before they can expect any real change from the celebs. Be the change!

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