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Everything You Need To Know About Oil Cleansing Method!

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Oil cleansing? Yeah you read it right! It exists! All the fancy micellar water and oil based cleansers are a part of oil cleansing method. The best thing about oil cleansing is it can be customized according to your skin needs and it’s a DIY that’s all natural. Read our article by Neeharika Awasthi to know more about this method!

Why Use Oil For Cleansing? 

Where in a Skincare world where we opt for oil free products and see the dirty sebum as root of many skin issues, the concept of using oils might sound crazy and a technique for inviting clogging of pores and acne. But the truth is oil cleansing is even more beneficial for acne prone and oily skin, the oils one uses for oil cleansing is different from the oil (sebum) you get on your t-zone. Think of it as how good bacteria fights with bad bacteria same as that good oils fight with bad oils, in fact the reason why your skin produce excessive sebum is because you don’t provide external moisturise and oil and that leads to your skin producing excessive oil on its own. Using oils instead of harsh cleansers can help protect the natural lipid layer where good bacteria get stored to cause further benefits to your skin.

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Myths That Need Explanation

Now for some people cleansing reminds of them foaming and traditional deep cleaning bubble cleansers, to most people the idea of oil cleansing means not cleaning skin thoroughly and it will leave their skin looking oily and sticky. The truth is people have developed a myth that just because a Face wash lathers up the foam means it’s doing its job by leaving your skin dry. To some people a dry face after using a strong face wash is a sign of absolute cleanliness. Ever wonder why your skin gets oily and gets white head and cysts after religiously washing your face twice or thrice a day, oh well that’s because you are stripping off the natural oil of your skin by using over drying cleansers. Washing off your face more than your skin demands will lead to dehydrated skin that starts producing bad oils on its own. On the other hand oil cleansing won’t leave your skin oily if you remove the oil after cleansing properly, it will lock the moisture that your skin needs and you’ll be left with a hydrated and yet clean skin.

How Oil Cleansing Works? 

Oil cleansing is more hydrating than traditional face washes which have surfactants. Oil cleansing has more skin calming and soothing ingredients which are all natural and doesn’t irritate the skin. There are certain oils which are designed for skin that have anti oxidants and vitamins that dissolve the clogged pores and sebum. When you use warm water to rinse off or use a warm damp cloth to wipe off the excess oil, its similar to the streaming process because it automatically opens up the clogged pores and cleanses skin thoroughly. The water temperature is important because cold water won’t rinse impurities deeply and properly.

Which Oils To Choose? 

Now when we think of oils to use on face we get an image of coconut oil at first, I would say coconut oil might or might not work for everyone, its waxy and thick consistency can clog pores but It might work for dry skin well. For oil cleansing method oils which have anti bacterial and anti inflammatory properties and the ones who are thinner and lighter in consistency work well. Oils like olive oil, Castor oil, jojoba oil, grapeseed oil, sweet almond oil, avocado oil, sunflower oil and argan oil are recommended the most for oil cleansing method. You can also mix some essential oils like tea tree, lavender or lemon but make sure you don’t use more than one drop of each because they are highly concentrated and using more than needed can do more bad than good.

How To Do Oil Cleansing? 

Place a hot damp washed cloth on your face for 20 seconds and then mix any natural oils in an equal proportion. Massage your face well with the oil for few minutes and then leave your face as it is for 30 seconds after massage. Take a clean hot damp cloth and wipe off the oil gently from your skin, make sure you don’t rub or pull your skin down when you are removing oil from cloth. The heat from hot damp cloth will open up the clogged pores and take off dirt/makeup from skin. It’s not a necessary step that’s recommended but if you want you can double cleanse, make you use a soap and sulphate free face wash that won’t strip off the moisture from your skin. The whole concept of oil cleansing is to store the natural oils that your skin demands, make sure you don’t ruin the purpose by using your regular deep cleansing face wash. Opt for a mild and hydrating face wash that won’t ruin the whole concept of oil cleansing.


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