Travel Fashion Tips

What to wear while traveling? How to look stylish & yet not look out of place? Read our article which tackles the biggest travel fashion FAQ's head on!
Travel Fashion Tips

What to wear while traveling? How to look stylish & yet not look out of place? Read our article which tackles the biggest travel fashion FAQ’s head on!

I get the allure of celebrity airport fashion!
They are really very attractive and perfect for paparazzi

But we don’t need to prepare for an assemblage of paparazzi waiting to shoot us!
We just need to sit in one place for an extended period of time without experiencing incredible discomfort due to our clothing choices !

We should dress up differently for different occasions as “Fashion is like eating,you shouldn’t stick to the same menu everytime”

Travelling with style and packing light are true talents. What are the essentials? What makes us feel comfortable during travelling? How do you layer effectively? Which shoes to take? These are all questions we come across when packing for a weekend gateway or for a long vacay!

Travel Fashion Tips
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Your travelling style can reflect your everyday wear with the help of a few key pieces you mix match and layer.

So here are some tips which we should keep in our minds while travelling or while packing for the tour:-

-Neutrals are your best bet,so stick to blacks,whites,navies and nudes.Before you start throwing things in your suitcase create a colour palette for sure!
-Cotton,silk,chiffon and linen are basic summer fabrics.We can put up a cotton kurti either with leggings or jeans or with cotton palazzos so it can makes us feel comfortable while travelling.

-If there is one item you need while travelling that is the maxi dress.We can wear it often while travelling as it is easy to put on and carry. And we can wear it over bikini in beaches and also we can put on a jacket over it and we can also wear it while going for restaurants and roaming from shops to shops also by pairing it with a pair of sandals or sneakers!
-A loose t-shirt or a tank top with a comfy loose jeans is the best option while travelling! It makes us feel easy and we feel so light!
-Matching set is also a very good option,it is not only trendy but also very functional as both pieces and be wore together or separately so that with less number of clothes we can create new styles and new looks and we don’t have to repeat the looks again and again!
-The one-fourth pants are in trend nowadays for our men and it looks both stylish and is comfortable too!
The denim shirts and shorts paired up with sneakers or even flats can be very good while travelling.

Now along with clothes the second most important thing is to accessorize them!

-The bohemians(ear rings and chains) though are very light weight but gives a very heavy look so they are very good while travelling!
-The sunglasses are very important while travelling, because the travel looks seems incomplete without it !
The aviators can be a good option because it suits almost every attire !
-Now the shoes, the sneakers nowadays are in fashion and the comfy flats too are very essential while travelling!

Clothes mean nothing until someone lives in them,and it’s actually at the time of travelling that a man live the moments that is why it is very much necessary to wear the clothes which are not a burdern to us, and is that comfortable that we can concentrate in the moments and enjoy them and be confident in what we are wearing!





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