You Should Definitely Invest In These Designer Bags

We list out designer bags you should definitely invest in. Read our article for more details!
You Should Definitely Invest In These Designer Bags

Since spending in luxury bags online is like an investment, choosing the right type of luxury bags is vital to spend at the right piece. This post will guide you through all the designs of designer bags that are definitely worth that investment.


In the fashion world, there are multiple things that we label as ‘investment piece’. But there isn’t any better example than luxury bags online that ticks all the trends correctly. They are the epitome of minimal effort and maximum impactful fashion accessories. While multiple styles are trending, some classic charms last forever becoming a valuable piece because of its key role ‘versatility’. Their multi-functional usage keeps the style up-to-date that one can carry for the season after season for years to generations. So, before you treat yourself by spending on an investment piece, you must consider this post that will brief you on which classic designer bag is worth spending your saved bucks on.


  1. Crossbody bag:

Donning the sleek look, the crossbody bag has secured its spot on this list. Minimalistic yet quintessential as one can describe it, the wide strap makes it sit comfortable on the shoulder, making it one of the most convenient bags to use and invest in. Its versatile nature makes it suitable to pair with modern or conventional styling.


  1. Potli bag:

Keeping the clutches aside, potli bags have made way by meticulously pairing with lehengas, Anarkali, or Indo-western in the present day as jewelry in itself. They are ordinary but exceptional. This bag has got its many versions with gota work, pearl work, embroidery, colour blocking, mirror embellishments, and so much more. You can view more of its variety by top designers to make potlis your arm candy for soirees like wedding functions, Diwali dinners, etc.


  1. Bucket bag:

With its practical and timeless design, the bucket bag has returned as one of the perfect investment accessories for the new decade. Along with its silhouette, its available size makes it easy to access the belongings, which is why they are a hit in every season and style.


  1. Sling Bag:

A sling bag, an age-old accessory, has seen regular enhancement by top designers making it applicable as a travel-friendly bag, a funky outfit accessory, or giving a celeb style. All these changes have made it a big-time fashion commodity for everyone who wants to invest in the right fashion purses. Since it is available in various sizes, patterns, material, and design giving options for everyone, it has become more than just a receptacle. It has made confidently secured its place into this list.


  1. Micro Bag:

If you want to rise your fashion trend statement up and treat yourself with the teeny tiny accessory, the micro bags are the thing. The minimal bag has been a trendsetter and has ticked boxes for many Bollywood and Hollywood celebs too. Thus, it’s practical, and barely their version look has given them the tag of one of the investment pieces you can own.


  1. Pouch Bag:

If you believe that the era of the clutch bag with a shape of a cloud is over, it’s time for you to rethink. These bags are pieces that are worn forever and work as a style fixture to the overall outfit. From the entire collection of luxury bags online, the pouch is one that goes with pretty much any outfit and for any occasion. So, don’t underestimate the power of this tiny masterpiece.


For the people who love to see their investment hanging in the closet, the above list will guide you to pick from these perfect companions as that is worth spending your money saved for long. Whatever bag you invest in, make sure always to have a good maintenance routine as that is the key to their long-term effect on your style statement.








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