Funniest Moments From Geetha Govindam That Left Me In Splits

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While one might think comedy can’t be enjoyed when one has to rely on subtitles, our experience said otherwise. Read our article to find out more!

While looking for some exciting content to watch on ZEE5, we thought of exploring some South Indian superhits. One such movie was Geetha Govindam. What piqued our curiosity was Janhvi Kapoor mentioning the movie’s hero – Vijay Devarakonda on a chat show recently. And trust us, we can thank her enough for introducing us to Rowdy star which led to the discovery of this gem of a movie. The reason we call it a gem is particularly its humour. The scenes in this movie had us laughing till our stomach ached. So, we had to do this article covering some of the funniest moments from Geetha Govindam.

Here are some of the funniest lines/scenes from the movie –

1. In one scene, the hero & his friends are shown watching Kamal Hassan’s Indian. Kamal Hassan’s character is shown beating up a goon, while his wife swiftly movies & starts packing their baggage, as they have to leave town. The hero – Vijay Govind then pauses the screen & inquires his friends as to what they inferred from the scene. While one friend mentions about Kamal Hassan’s character’s fitness level at 80 & vows to join a gym, another friend speaks about building a farmhouse just like Kamal Hassan’s character in the movie. The expressions & comic timing of the characters in this scene was just brilliant.

2. Vijay is shown waiting for a girl at a bus stop. A few goons then come to beat him up. While it is common for men to be beaten up for eve teasing or flirting with women by their brothers/friends, the hero gets roughed for saying no to their sister! Vijay then tells the goons that he in fact is in love with the girl at the bus stop since the past 6 months. As luck would have it, the girl says that she is married! Vijay is heartbroken & even refuses to shake the girl’s hand when she wishes him luck in finding a girl of his dreams. The way the scene turns around the cliches was just ingenious.

3. When Vijay sees the heroine – Geetha(Rashmika Mandanna) for the first time, his friends cheekily ask him to check whether she is married before wasting six months of his life again (referring to the bus stop girl)! We found the callback to the former plot point to be really smart and rib-tickling at the same time.

4. While Vijay’s friends are playing cards, one friends asks the other, “Do you have a joker”, to which the friend replies “Why do I need a joker when you are there”. Once you watch the complete movie, you will laugh hard at this dialogue with some added context.

5. Vijay is seated next to his crush, Geetha while on a bus journey. He calls up his friends to ask them to know how to impress her. His friend ask him to lie a bit required & speak to her nicely. To which Vijay says that he is bad at lying. His friend then asks him to ask the bus driver to stop the bus & Vijay to come home, after which he will teach Vijay to lie in about two months time. Now instead of realizing that his friend is taking his case, Vijay asks “Will she wait for two months?”. Vijay’s friend tells him to stop talking like an idiot & speak to Geetha. The innocence of Vijay was not only endearing but also funny to watch.

6. While Vijay is trying his luck with Geetha, Geetha is least interested in conversing with him. When Vijay asks Geetha her name after telling her that he has seen her before, she lies to him that her name is “Appalamma”. Instead of getting the hint that she is not interested, he goes on to ask her “Till where are you going”, to which she replies “Kashmir” with a straight face! Both Rashmika and Vijay are at the comical best in this scene, and nicely sets up the tone of the rest of the film.

For us, what set these scenes apart from the other movie scenes was the brilliant acting & dialogues of the movie. While one may think that comedy movies can’t enjoyed unless you know the language, our experience said otherwise. We thoroughly enjoyed the movie thanks to its English subtitles. So, with the English subtitles in place now, we would highly recommend you check out Geetha Govindam on ZEE5, irrespective of your native language. You are sure to love this laugh riot of a movie!


6 thoughts on “Funniest Moments From Geetha Govindam That Left Me In Splits

  • January 25, 2019 at 2:26 pm

    Commenting here is like calling out for someone in bhooth bungalow👽😵!!
    Anyways😝 i watched geetha govindan on ur recommendation. I didn’t like the movie plot. But still its too much fun to watch. Aside from what u mentioned, i liked that restroom scene. I thought there was gng to be a fight instead its fizzled out, just like that, with a flattery😹. And scene where he sees that video clip and shout out as if his phone got fire😂 one couldn’t really believe that this is same vijay who acted as arrogant alcoholic n druggie in arjun reddy. Such a transition. He is damn good actor . Rashmika too.

    • January 25, 2019 at 2:29 pm

      Sorry if missed one of your comments. Happy that you liked the movie 🙂

  • January 25, 2019 at 2:40 pm

    Nah!! Just stating that there are no r few commenting ppl here . Sry didn’t mean to blame you for something else.

    • January 25, 2019 at 2:49 pm

      We have been scratching our heads wondering how to get people to comment more 🙁

  • January 25, 2019 at 2:54 pm

    With the condition of this site’s comment section , u might end up having bald patches with your incessant scratching😝

  • January 25, 2019 at 3:02 pm

    Well, jokes aside what lures me to visit a gossip site is their comment section and content about the BI, author is writing. Your contents r good (it could be better too, js). Maybe u could have ur ppl and frnds to comment here. Start having interesting gossip convos.( Or let some fans to fight for their idols . Like dp-kat , hr-kr ). it’s been less than 2 yrs since u started this site . So u can hav patience and wait . I hope u find ur ways😃


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