Godless(Netflix) Review

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Godless is Netflix’s latest western drama. It stars Jeff Daniels as the villainous Frank Griffith, Jack O’Connell as Roy Goode & Michelle Dockery of Downton Abbey fame.

The series starts off with Roy Goode coming to La Belle & being shot by Alice Fletcher. Meanwhile, Frank Griffin loses his arm. We are then told that Roy Goode is the estranged, adopted son of Frank Griffin. Roy Goode ran away from his foster father. Frank Griffin has vowed to kill, destroy any town or person who helps Roy Goode. In the next few episodes, we are told why Roy Goode chose to run away from his foster father. The main plot revolves around Alice Fletcher & her family sheltering him. A strong bond is formed between Roy – Truckee, Roy – Alice. The story does touch upon feminism & women empowerment in a big way.
The show is the most engrossing western dramas on Netflix.

Jeff Daniels as Frank Griffin in Godless
Jeff Daniels is brilliant in his role of a terrorizing outlaw
The acting, direction & script do adhere to the Netflix gold standard. Lost in translation scenes between Roy, Truckee & his granny will make you chuckle. Jeff Daniels is brilliant in his role of a ruthless outlaw. We can’t help but admire him for his versatility. After vowing in his role of a news anchor in The Newsroom, he makes us hate him in his role of the villainous outlaw. Jack O’Connell who was last seen in Money Monster is good & so is Michelle Dockery. While she was seen in regal attire in The Downtown Abbey, she is seen in rugged clothes in this one. Lovers of westerns will love this one.
It was very difficult for us, to find flaws in this show. There is rarely a dull moment. The story keeps moving & the actors never let you down. Although there are no major twists & turns, very few will be able to predict the ending. Our only complaint is that there was no hint of a second season!
We strongly recommend you, to watch this show at the earliest. Do not miss this one!

Our Rating: *****/5 stars

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