Golmaal Again Review

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When your ,colleagues rave about a movie & claim to fall from their chairs laughing on the jokes in the movie, you too at some level are inclined to like the movie. You too, want to quote the jokes during lunch break along with them. Thus one can say that if the majority of movie goers like a movie, chances are that you will like it even if the movie is not that great.
The fourth film in the series has all the male stars of the previous installment reprising their roles, albeit in a different setting. They do retain their traits, but have a totally different background. The latest movie in the franchise is a horror-comedy. You are told early on that the newest addition – Tabu(Annie) is someone with an innate ability to see ghosts & speak to them. She was an orphan & a librarian in an orphanage run by Seth Jamnadas. The other orphans in the first year of the orphanage being functional were Gopal (Ajay Devgan), Madhav (Arshad Warsi), two Laxman’s (Shreyas Talpade & Kunal Khemu) & Lucky (Tushar Kapoor). Parineeti Chopra has a significant role in the film. Ajay Devgan is bearable in his role. Shreyas Talpade, Kunal Khemu & Arshad Warsi manage a few good laughs. Tushar Kapoor is totally sidelined in this movie & barely has a role. The saving grace of the movie are the supporting cast especially Sanjay Mishra as Babli Bhai, who is the funniest of the lot. Johnny Lever as Pappi is watchable.

Being a fan of the Golmaal series, I entered the theatre with high expectations. I loved the first Golmaal, was not so impressed with the second one, but loved the third movie in the series. But as much as I wanted to like the fourth movie in the franchise, I just couldn’t! The jokes are very lame, barring a few good ones. You will wait for the jokes to get better, but it just won’t. The jokes are definitely not for the Netflix/Amazon Prime/Hotstar crowd. But if you are a fan of Comedy Circus or Kapil Sharma genre of comedy, you will love this one. Although I couldn’t see the funny side of the movie, there were several in the theatre who were laughing hard at jokes I found to be pathetic.
But the movie does pick up some pace in the second half. The people who loved the first half told me that they did not like the second half! The major chunk of the story is in the second half. The story barely moves forward in the first half. Neil Nitin Mukesh(Nikhil) makes an entry in the second half. His is more of a guest appearance. The film does have a few hummable songs & enough masala to in the plot. But it is predictable & cliched. People who have loved Rohit Shetty’s previous outings especially Bol Bachchan, will love this one. The box office collections indicate that Rohit Shetty is an ace director who knows to please the single screen audience. But we werent’e impressed!
Would suggest you wait for the movie to premiere on a TV channel or one of the VoD platforms.

Our Rating: **/5


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