Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror) – 1st Nov

He stole her from her husband, but is scared to tell the world about his romance. Can you guess the couple Mumbai Mirror is talking about?
Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror) – 1st Nov

He has put on tons of weight, his movies are flopping, plus he is in love with a divorcee who left her husband for him! Funny that he was dating her ex sis-in-law. His mom suffered while his dad ditched his family for another woman. Now he has broken a home himself! He is probably scared to tell the world that he is hooking up with the ex sis-in-law of the most feared superstar in the industry & will keep it a secret for the longest time possible. Such a revelation will be bad for his image. His contemporaries meanwhile are zooming past him as far movies are concerned. Will serve him better to date an available woman & concentrate on his career instead. It is one thing to hook up with another man’s woman, but to get serious with her is not a good idea. A fourth generation industry scion will agree.

Blind Item
LAST weekend, our favourite sultry siren -just freshly divorced -spent her birthday weekend with her girlfriends at a foreign resort. Of course, as we would have suspected, her closet lover joined her there. Not only did he show up for her big day, he also presented her with a beautiful birthday diamond. It seems the two are a rather loved-up couple in private. But why fight shy of making their relationship public? Perhaps, it’s only a matter of time.

Our Guess:
Sultry Siren: Mailaika Arora
Closet Lover: Arjun Kapoor





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