Guess Who: A-Lister Asks Director To Consider Him For Lead Role

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Mumbai Mirror has published a blind item about an A-list star who reached out to a director to consider him for the lead role in an upcoming film.

This A-list star once prided himself for having a 100% success rate. But his last two films flopped. His second last film was critically acclaimed & managed to make decent money for its subject. But his last release flopped badly despite being produced by a big banner. But he does have a good lineup of films to help him regain lost ground. Sadly for him his contemporaries meanwhile have gone from strength to strength. While this A-lister has starred in several hits, his movies have never made 200cr+. He is a star with a good fan following no doubt, but calling him a superstar would be a stretch.

There have been blind items about this A-lister feeling jealous due to the success of another young star. This star recently starred in a 300cr+ along side a handsome superstar. But what makes us scratch our head is the genuiness of his affair with another A-lister. They both debuted together. They are rumored to have had an affair, but he dumped her for his steady GF of many years. The actress is now rumored to be the beard in the relationship between a young superstar & his director. She got into the arrangement just to spite this A-lister.

Blind Item

The critical and commercial success of a dark comedy last year led a young A-lister to reflect on his decision to pass on the project. The actor had clearly misjudged the script when he said no to the director who’d given him one of his best received films. He wasn’t confident that the complex, risky script would translate into a winning film—clearly, he was wrong. The actor who replaced this A-lister has benefitted considerably from the film and was being cheered for trusting his instinct.

Good thing the filmmaker is not the sort who feels slighted by the rejection or the kind that holds on to a grudge. When the A-lister learnt there was a new project the filmmaker was contemplating, he reached out asking to be considered for the lead. It helped that the producer was a mutual friend who had in fact produced their last film together. Although the script is still being fleshed out, the producer and the star were keen to announce the project quickly and to ‘book’ the director formally. They are aware the director’s working on multiple scripts and is committed to make a film for at least one other producer—but they’re determined to get ahead in the queue.

The director in question isn’t expecting to begin rolling this film before March or April, given the preproduction involved on a period film of this scale. But he does hope he can get a ‘small project’ out of the way before that.

Our Guess

Dark Comedy: Andhadhun

A-lister: Varun Dhawan

Director: Sriram Raghavan

New Project: Arun Khetarpal biopic


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