Guess Who: Action Hero Replaces Director With Himself!

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Pinkvilla has published a blind item about an action hero replacing the director of an upcoming wat epic with himself due to sexual harassment claims.

We can’t help but chuckle after reading this blind item. The people who this article claims to have taken action against a creep are known creeps themselves. One of the producers – a music baron & a top producer is known to be a sleazeball. While he beds struggling actresses his wife checks into 5-star hotels with hunky toy boys. The action hero mentioned in the blind items has mastered the art of staying away from top actresses & bedding assistant directors, choreographers, spot girls etc. Due to which his affairs never make the news. He did have a few affairs with some top actresses post marriage but the news died down. Meanwhile this newbie director is trying mimic the actions of big shot filmmakers & superstars. Sadly, little does he know that these big guys get away with such things, while it is the small fishes like him who get caught first.

Although we must admit, barring his philandering this action hero is a very likeable guy off screen. Firstly he doesn’t “dance at weddings” like some other, even more successful actors do for the sake of money. He has helped several people make a career in bollywood. Unlike other actors his name has never cropped up when it came to underworld links or shady business deals. People who know him claim that he is a genuine guy.

Blind Item

The news is quite shocking, even after months. After a strong Me Too movement swept Bollywood, one would expect people to change but it hasn’t much. After many complaints against the newbie director of a war drama-biopic, finally the lead actor and action hero, decided to take matters in his own hands and unofficially fired from the movie. Now the super star will complete the project himself.

It’s one of the most expensive war dramas ever mounted with a multi-starrer cast. While the first schedule got completed relatively smoothly at a set constructed in a studio, the second was a long and extensive one, in a remote village. The shooting started and quite a few action sequences were shot till allegations of the director came in. It was ignored by the production unit till some female assistant directors decided to take matters in their own hands and directly approached the male lead. The allegations were serious – as they told him that they didn’t feel comfortable around the director and explained why. It wasn’t only the female AD’s but some of the other female subsidiary cast too, whom the director, apparently had also approached.

The actor, known to be intelligent and level-headed, quietly decided to do some investigation on his own. He didn’t consult the production team or anybody remotely connected with the director, but called in his own production team from Mumbai, whom he trusted implicitly. They spoke to the women concerned and reported back that it was true. There were other concerns as well, which the action hero had been hearing about, but the Me Too allegations were more than serious enough for the male super star to take immediate action.

Known for his straight talk and fiery temper, the male super star summoned the director to his room one night and gave him the firing of his life. The director was told in no uncertain terms to take a backseat now from the war saga as the top male star would take over and direct the project now as he didn’t want to take any more chances of the project falling into more trouble. The star is a director in his own right and is known to take over the reins from other directors and ghost direct himself, when he is unhappy with the way something is going. Only a handful of people were present in the room (who were strictly told not to discuss the issue outside) and know about this. The female leads had completed their shoot and gone home or it would have been an even bigger issue!

Apparently, the project is already in trouble with allegations of the script being produced by someone else. A young director had approached a top production house with the script a few years ago but it fell through because of lack of stars. That script was more heroine-oriented with the male lead in the periphery. The project was ultimately shelved till the new war drama was announced recently, with the action hero as the main protagonist and the women as side characters as the script was completely changed. Sounds familiar? In recent times, another movie ran into trouble because of similar allegations as one of the actresses had apparently taken it to a different producer.

Our Guess

War Drama: Tanhaji

Action Hero: Ajay Devgan

Director: Om Raut


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