Guess Who – Actor Asks GF To Give Up A Big Project

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Pinkvilla has published a blind item about an actor asking his GF to give up a big project opposite another star.

Firstly, we still have doubts with regards to the authenticity of bollywood’s latest couple. The actor used to be the BF of a big shot bollywood celeb. But they are rumored to have parted ways. he has been linked to almost every actress in his ex-BF’s camp. This actress whom he has been linked to lately, is the latest member of the filmmaker’s camp. So you can’t blame us for being sceptical! Our sources told us that this actress is a from a very influential family. She is friends with a big industrialist’s daughter & was even invited for her wedding. She even knew the reigning box office king before joining the industry. With two big hits this year, she is here to stay for at least the next 3-4 years.

Her alleged BF must be breathing a sigh of relief, now that his latest film has been declared a hit. It is funny how he considers this other actor to be a rival. Someone please define the word rivalry for him. His rival is streets ahead of him. While this actor is yet to give a solo hero hit(a movie which ran solely because of him), his rival is now considered to be a young superstar. This actor’s career is barely hanging on a thread. A few flops more & he will stop being considered for lead roles.

Blind Item

Bollywood continues to remain a place where the drama begins and ends. For some actors, the drama might only happen on the big screen, but, for others, it might continue off the screen too in their personal life. Speaking of this, recently, a big project was announced with a big star playing the lead role and a promising actress who recently has been a part of a hit multistarrer comedy. However, amidst all the buzz about seeing this pairing together in the project, the promising actress opted out of the project.

We personally feel this is a PR piece, to keep both the stars in the news. How else do you explain the media knowing about their vacations & work related details in advance?

Though the promising starlet wants everyone to think that dates were the issue of opting out of the project, but the real reason is something else. This actress of a recent comedy hit has been dating an actor who has some ongoing rivalry with the male star of that project. Owing to this, the boyfriend actor forced his ladylove to give up the big project opposite the actor with whom he has issues. Well, the actress has previously been seen briefly with the star of the big project in a flop film of 2019 and now, with the new project fans were hoping to see more of them.

But looks like that isn’t going to happen anytime soon as the actress gave into her boyfriend’s wish and opted out of the project opposite his rival. It is rather strange both the heroes have been launched together and have the same godfather but now this animosity is rather strange. Can you guess the name of the film, the actress, the big star and the boyfriend actor?

Our Guess

Actress: Kiara Advani

BF: Siddharth Malhotra

Rival: Varun Dhawan

Godfather: Karan Johar


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