Guess Who: Actor Donates PPE Kits With Instructions To Doctors

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Rajeev Masand has published a blind item in Open The Magazine about an actor who donated PPE kits with instructions to doctors recently.

A lot of Bollywood celebs have loosened their purse strings post the coronavirus outbreak. No city or country in the world was prepared to handle a pandemic of this magnitude. India being a third world country needed help the most. Thankfully all citizens have done their bit to fight the pandemic. While most of the people have donated money, food, etc from the goodness of their heart some of our Bollywood celebs have done it for the sake of publicity.

The blind item speaks about a celeb who donated PPE kits, sanitizers, masks, etc along with a set of instructions to record video messages thanking him. Now while this could be anybody, our gut tells us it is about this greedy superstar. We had recently published an article about how this superstar’s PR stunts were exposed by a fearless journo. While some might say, he is paying the price for being a right-winger, what they have forgotten is that used to speak about Indo-Pak harmony when a party that leans towards minorities was in power. True that political party stooges, trolls attack celebs for their ideological views, but that is not the case here. Don’t be surprised if 10-15 years down the line, he goes back to speaking about the Secular values of the country. He is adept at reading the pulse of the nation & adapting himself. We never miss an opportunity to remind people about how he met a cartoonist on his death bed to promote a movie.

But for all his character flaws, he is a thorough professional. while the other do-gooders slack at work, are arrogant, impunctual, etc this superstar is a filmmaker’s delight. Anybody who works with him is more than happy to work with him again. His dedication to fitness is the stuff legends are made of. Besides, while his rivals were at the receiving end of citizens ire for speaking their mind, he is the toast of the town for his political views.

Blind Item

Doctors treating Covid-19 patients at a Mumbai hospital were disappointed when they received a note along with a consignment of masks, sanitizers, and PPE kits donated by a popular movie actor recently. The note contained a full script and a set of instructions for doctors to record video messages thanking the movie star and some half-a-dozen others for contributing towards the consignment and for its delivery to the hospital. This includes a well-known producer who also heads a top Bollywood artist management agency.
The doctors thought it was “tasteless” to ask them to record video messages of gratitude. They shared this information and their disappointment over the matter on a WhatsApp group. The request was frowned upon by others on the group too, who took to social media to shame the actor and the producer.

An influential business journalist called it “disgusting” to demand video-recorded thank-you messages. “Please! We should be thanking them for saving lives and putting their own at risk. This is not a personal gift to them. Why ‘extract’ thanks??”
Turns out that when word reached the actor and the producer, they didn’t insist on the video messages anymore, but they’d already lost a few fans by then.

Our Guess

Popular Actor: Akshay Kumar


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  • May 30, 2020 at 12:41 am

    I really hope he returns to his late 90s Flop form,and the party dumps him for another chest thumping right winger!


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