Guess Who: Actor & Filmmaker Buddy Have A Nasty Fight

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Spotboye has published a blind item about an actor & his filmmaker buddy having a nasty fight over their film’s reshoot.

This movie has been in production for more than two years. When the shoot started, the actor had just given a huge blockbuster. In the past few years he has not had a single release. On the other hand his rival’s two movies which released last year turned out to be superhits. Many consider his rival to now be the bigger star among the two. So you can’t blame the actor for losing his cool when his director buddy asked for a reshoot.

The movie is scheduled to release in december this year. But with the coronavirus issue, we doubt whether it will be possible.

Blind Item

An actor and his upcoming film’s director had a nasty quarrel.

Just when you thought they are friends forever, this actor and director have had a spat of sorts. Heated exchange of words happened between the two, when of late, the filmmaker wanted a reshoot of 15-20 days. The actor didn’t want a wee bit of it and put his foot down. Ab kya iss dosti mein daraar aajayegi, we will only have to wait and watch.

Our Guess

Filmmaker: Ayaan Mukherjee

Actor: Ranbir Kapoor


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