Guess Who: Actor Is Banking On Masala Movies

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Rajeev Masand has published a blind item in Open The Magazine about an actor who is banking on masala movies to regain ground lost to his rivals.

We wonder why is this even a blind. Rajeev Masand could have named the celebs involved. While the actor in question is hugely popular, we doubt whether he is 300cr+ material. He is good at churning out 100cr+ movies, but 300cr+ seems to be out of his reach. We doubt whether he will ever be able to catch up with two other young superstars of his generation.

We wonder whatever happened to his marriage plans. Wasn’t he supposed to get married this year?

We must admit, that he has a squeaky clean image. Our sources informed us that he is humble & treats people around him well. He is very hard working & is very particular about his physique. Will his discipline beat the talent of his rivals? Time will tell.

Blind Item

Rumour has it that a popular young male star who has made back-to-back masala movies has ditched his plans to do a more thoughtful, ‘serious’ movie next, and instead take on another ‘mass’ entertainer. He earned praise when he stepped out of his comfort zone to star in a melancholic, leisurely-paced tragedy two years ago, but the film didn’t do the kind of box-office numbers he was used to enjoying with his more ‘commercial’ outings.

So he did three films purely for the box-office (both as yet unreleased). But the plan was to make one “content film” before he returned to his favourite kind of movie. Now one has learnt that he has decided to stick to the same space. The reason for that appears to be peer envy. Two of his contemporaries have raced considerably ahead of him, and making a ‘serious’ movie could widen the gap between him and them. So he’s decided that for now he’ll stick to the kind of broad, commercial entertainer that could help him catch up with his rivals in the box-office stakes. The ‘acting’ can wait. Pity.

Our Guess

Male Star: Varun Dhawan

Contemporaries: Ranveer & Ranbir


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