Guess Who: Actor’s Ploy To Get Free Publicity

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Mumbai Mirror has published a blind item about an actor who has devised a plot to get free publicity.

People say that your paramour’s habits often rub on you, thanks to the huge amount of time you end up spending with them. One can’t be blamed for behaving like the person they are or in this case they were dating. The actor in question who was in a relationship with a top filmmaker is using his tricks to get publicity. His filmmaker ex-BF links up all his actors for the sake of free publicity. Sadly the movie going public actually end up believing each & every rumor.

We are still not convinced that this actor is dating his co-star. Seems manufactured if you ask us. Manufactured by none other than their mentor.

Blind Item

This actor who has not been in a committed relationship since he broke up with his actress-girlfriend a couple of years ago, has devised a ploy to get free publicity for his upcoming films.

Each time before the release of his film, the actor ensures he and his leading lady become an ‘item’.

We hear his last heroine seems happy to be rid of him and has quickly attached herself to another who is far more eligible and hopefully more genuine in his affections. Meanwhile, our man about town has found himself another love and is trying to even fan rumors of a wedding. The only problem is no one believes him because the lady in question has just delivered a blockbuster.

Our Guess

Actor: Siddharth Malhotra

Actress GF: Alia Bhatt

Last Heroine: Tara Sutaria

Another Love: Kiara Advani


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