Guess Who: Actress GF Threatens Actor’s Family With Suicide

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Pinkvilla has published a blind item about an actress who threatened her BF’s family with suicide!

We have always had our doubts about the genuineness of this couple. Sadly none of our sources have been able to give us dirt about this couple. The actress has dated a few TV stars in the past. Both are rumored to have cheated on her. We wonder why her BF’s always end up cheating on her? Is it because she is a whacko or is it a case of men being men? She was also seen with another high profile man. One source claims that he is in fact gay. We outright refused to believe him. Anyway no one apart from this source has claimed that!

If the blind item is to be believed, the actress cheated on her BF with a good looking co-star. If our sources are to be believed, the good looking co-star is quite a hit with the ladies. While his movie career is on thin ice, he is very lucky with women. Apart from the actress in question, he is also rumored to have hooked up two other co-stars. One of them is the cousin of a global star & was dating a director. It is rumored that she had the hots for him & regularly hooked up while shooting for their film – a big flop. If a young superstar is to be believed his ex-GF – a star kid, dumped him for this good looking actor. But we were disappointed by his lack of charm on a popular celebrity talk show – in which he made appearance along side the actress he used to hook up with.

But the big question is whether this actress is capable to threatening suicide? Appearances can be deceptive if you ask us. We doubt whether the actor BF ever hooked up with his co-star either. This is mostly the upcoming movie’s PR team at work or Pinkvilla’s fertile imagination.

Blind Item

Are they dating? Are they not? That has been the potential question on everyone’s mind. We’re talking about this young star couple who’s always managed to grab headlines with their appearances. But while to the world, they are still together, their family will have a different story to tell the world. Apparently, not all’s well between the two and they have just been pretending to be in love, lately.

So what went wrong? The actor, who’s a known face from the younger generation, slipped and had a scene with one of his co-stars from an earlier film. When the actress girlfriend found out about the fling, she was livid. She directly confronted the star and although hurting, she resolved the matter. The heroine doesn’t want to lose the hero at any cost, given that she gets a lot of notice because of their affair.

But a few months later, when the actor wanted to break up and told his girlfriend about it, our pretty lady didn’t waste any time and landed at the actor’s home. He met the mother and the sister and what happened next was beyond shocking. She literally threatened them and said that if they didn’t control the boy, she would jump off the rooftop. Yes, things went downright crazy from there and we hear the family was shell shocked. They sat the actor down and told him what he had signed up for. The family never really accepted the girl in the first place and the mother especially had her own reservations about this relationship. But ever since then, the actor has complied to her demands. Soon, the actress who was shooting abroad for the outdoor schedule of one of her next thrillers, decided to give her actor-boyfriend a taste of his own medicine. She hooked up with her co-star who’s also another Gen-Y actor known for his good looks!

Our Guess

Actor: Tiger Shroff

Actress GF: Disha Patani

Fling: Tara Sutaria


2 thoughts on “Guess Who: Actress GF Threatens Actor’s Family With Suicide

  • January 9, 2020 at 4:56 pm

    Did Disha truly hook up with Aditya Roy Kapoor or this blind item is also another PR team fabricated story before their movie release?

    • January 12, 2020 at 5:07 pm

      Mostly it is a PR stunt


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