Guess Who: Actress Questions Director’s Potential

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Mumbai Mirror has published a blind item about a top actress who yelled at a director & questioned her potential.

She has been at loggerheads with almost everyone in the industry. There are rumors that she tweets from her sisters account to attack other industry folk. She shrewdly times all the controversies, just when her movies are about to release. But sadly for her all the scandals are not helping. All her movies have been under performing at the box office. She badly needs a hit fast!

The movie mentioned in the blind item is scheduled to release in Jan’20. Be ready for a fresh set of scandals involving her arch rival(alleged ex), a big filmmaker & other top actresses. Surprisingly she keeps getting acting offers despite her antics. Being talented does help.

Blind Item

INFAMOUS for heckling her directors and driving her co-actors to the brink, this maiden of mayhem is said to pull some serious clout. But her latest outburst had her exploding at her director with the choicest of expletives, even questioning the maker’s cinematic potential. The matter escalated quickly, and the acid-tongued diva attempted to boot the director out of the project. Fortunately, this time it was met with some opposition. The studio intervened, especially since the film was almost complete and re-shooting would have meant irredeemable resources. But more importantly, it was about time someone told her off.

Our Guess

Actress: Kangana Ranaut

Director: Ashwini Iyer Tiwari

Movie: Panga


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