Guess Who – Actress Refuses To Accept Her Age

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Pinkvilla published this blind item about a Bollywood veteran actress who refuses to accept her age.

She was been active in bollywood for almost a decade now and has won accolades for the brilliance of her craft more than once. Though she hadn’t been part of a big budget commercial success, and featured mostly as supporting actress or lead roles in not very popular movies, she has proved her worth to the big Bolly world and critics have showered her with praises. She is said to be in her 40’s and is now trying to pass off by incorrectly stating her age. She has starred in a movie last year where she played a 60-year old’s daughter. But thanks to her good looks and amazing skin care regime because of which she doesn’t look her age. Wonder what’s her secret.

She was rumored to be dating one of her co-stars. He was still married when the alleged affair took place. He is a director-actor-singer, who was also rumored to be dating a younger actress at around the same time. The celeb in question is of royal lineage. She divorced her first husband & has been trying to make it big in Bollywood. While it would be wrong to say she is struggling, she is not a big name either!

Blind Item

Can You Guess the name of this senior actress in Bollywood who can’t seem to accept her ageing gracefully?
Bollywood is full of stars who are in love with films and seem to think that their lives will continue to revolve around them. While most of the actors are seen being approached by top filmmakers and directors despite their advancing age, actresses in Bollywood don’t enjoy the same luxury. Many of them can’t seem to accept their ageing and want to do roles which show them young on screen. In the case of one of the senior actresses, this is a true story.
This actress falls into senior category today. She is 45 years old and that’s what her passport and people close to her say. She wants to pass off in her early 30s. She played a 60-year-old actor’s daughter and wasn’t the directors first choice because of her age. While she uses lots of apps and filters on her phone to make sure she looks wrinkle free, she also uses a very special type of skin treatment (Bollywood actresses are yet to know the secret) which makes sure her skin looks young and glowing.

Her advancing age is probably a reason directors and producers are shying away from signing her for their films. Seems like the actress isn’t yet ready to take a backseat from acting and is oblivious to the fact that her growing old is coming in way of her career. Can you guess this actress?

Our Guess

Actress- Aditi Rao Hydari


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