Guess Who: Actress Undergoes Electronic Body Sculpting

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Mumbai Mirror has published a blind item an actress who undergoes electronic body sculpting for the sake of her fab figure.

She has the biggest superstar dancing to her tunes. She was hot property several years back, when her item songs were quite the rage. It did help that her movies were doing exceedingly well. But her decision to dump her BF for a younger version didn’t turn out well. It is rumored that her family’s shady past had something to do with the young superstar’s decision to end things forever. She did try to patch things up but he flatly refused. She is rumored to still not be completely over him. She is betting that her ex’s new relationship won’t last beyond the end of this year.

It is rumored that her mother is still part of a shady sect. She has no Indian roots, but claims to be of Indian descent. The star’s younger sister too will be making her debut soon

Blind Item

YOUR diarist has long been a fan of this tall and leggy heroine’s perfectly sculpted body. While we have often wondered if social media and its body-shaping apps have anything to do with it, our friends tell us this actor is as fab in person.

But just when we were becoming fans of her unforgiving fitness routine, we heard she goes in for this new technique called electronic body sculpting that, painfully, gives you a desired shape. The actor recently showed up at an event in a denim mini, where the scalds from the sculpting were only too visible. Well, we may as well just eat that piece of chocolate now

Our Guess

Actress: Katrina Kaif


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