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Guess Who – Broke Studio Is Revisiting Hit Films

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Mumbai Mirror has published a blind item about a broke movie studio which is planning to revisit its old hits to turn around its fortunes.

Looks like most of the major movie studios which have been around for a long time are affected by the slowdown. Almost all the big names we could think of are going through a tough phase. Sadly for one of the biggest studios, their previous film was an expensive flop. It starred two of the biggest stars in the industry. While the stars charged a bomb for their roles, the studio spared no expense when it came to the production either. Other films being produced by the studio too don’t look very promising. Many producers, studio bosses have started co-producing movies to lower the risk. Bollywood has been witness to many studios/production houses closing their shutters. While there is no biz like showbiz, it is a very high risk business. A few flops & a top studio may be forced out of business.

The studio boss in question, is rumored to be soft on one of his heroines. On the other hand he is planning the 4th installment with a studio favorite. This studio favorite- a superstar, whose star is on its way down badly needs a hit. He is not known for action. We wonder whether he will be able to pull this one off.

Blind Item

A MAJOR film studio, hugely in debt thanks to its series of flops recently, is trying hard to salvage its platinum club membership. It is trying every trick in the trade to stay afloat. From channelling all its energies into sexualising its young stars, believing that’s what appeals to a new-age audience, to coming out with marketing strategies that only backfired. Now we hear the studio is planning to revisit its hit films from a decade or two ago and offer sequels or a series on them. What’s that they say about flogging a dead horse?

Our Guess

Studio: YRF
Flop: Thugs Of Hindustan
Hit Film: Dhoom


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