Guess Who: Budding Friendship Between Bollywood Celeb & Socialite

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Mumbai Mirror has published a blind item about the budding friendship between a bollywood celeb & a socialite.

This bollywood celeb is one interesting character. After making her mark as a singer, she made it to the gossip columns due to her affair with a superstar. The very superstar who was earlier involved with an actress who went on to become a global star. While there were rumors of him only getting close to men earlier, his linkups with women is something new. This celeb was his second fling with a woman. The superstar’s wife is happy looking the other way. She is rumored to have her own share of fun with her gal gang.

One of the superstar’s male linkups include a flop actor who is now producing big movies. One wonders how he made that kind of money. He was an employee of a big company which went bust. He then starred in a few movies, which had the superstar’s blessing. This set tongues wagging as to why the superstar is going out of his way for a newbie. Was it money or was it lust or was it both?

We wonder whether the socialites will be accepting of this bollywood celeb. After all these socialites are a snooty bunch & most of them look down on bollywood. Their spouses are worth 10 or 100 times our bollywood celebs. Most of them are second or third generation millionaires or billionaires & are very classy. Lastly they don’t dance at weddings for money, they pay stars to dance at theirs!

Blind Item

MINDBOGGLING is this new friendship between an ambitious woman on the fringes of Bollywood and a blue-blooded Bombay socialite. The Bollywood babe seems to have made inroads into Mumbai’s high-ranks thanks to this friendship. She is almost always the plus-one to the socialite at private parties and dinners but has consolidated her position as one of the gals. She has even made her children befriend the kids of those in the circle. A smart way to swiftly climb the social ladder, we think.

Our Guess

Bollywood Celeb: Kanika Kapoor

Socialite: Anu Hinduja


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