Guess Who: Celeb Has Chosen Prayer As Form Of Penance

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Mumbai Mirror has published a blind item about a celeb who has chosen prayer as a form of penance, after being outed in the MeToo movement.

This celeb was recently in the news for trolling the box office figures of a recently released comedy. It is now an open secret that the box office figures were inflated by 15%-20%. While on the one hand he is indulging in negativity, on the other hand he is praying for penance. Why try to pull your detractors down? Why doesn’t he concentrate on getting his own career on track instead?

Surprisingly his ex-GF who had dumped him is back in his life. A lot of people are of the opinion that she is in a mutually beneficial relationship with his namesake producer & the reigning superstar. We wonder why she went back to him when his career is almost finished? True love? Maybe.

The filmmaker’s sister is trying to rehabilitate him by hiring him as a consultant in her upcoming movie. His sister has to deal with two sleazeballs in the family – her brother & her husband.

This blind item could also be about another tainted director. But he has been cleared of all sexual harassment charges by the courts. It does help that his latest release was a bonafide hit.

Blind Item

THIS well-known film personality is up to no good. After being accused of sexual harassment by multiple women he has worked with, the man finds himself a social and professional outcast.

We hear he has chosen prayer as a form of penance. He is also engaging with godmen of all religions and asking for his “bad times” to end. We aren’t sure about his bad times, but the godmen are surely having a good time shacking up in five-star hotels on this crazy man’s dollar.

Our Guess

Filmmaker: Sajid Khan


Filmmaker: Vikas Bahl


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  • November 27, 2019 at 11:21 am

    Some people just never grow up. SMH!


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