Guess Who: Celebrity Manager Fires Her Entire Staff

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Mumbai Mirror has published a blind item about a celebrity manager who recently fired almost her entire staff after she discovered that they were making fun of her on a whatsapp group.

This is the second blind item on this topic. If bosses start sacking everyone who makes fun of them behind their back, the entire country would be out of a job. How many employees do you know, who don’t make fun or bitch about their bosses behind their back? The boss in this case, should have punished her employees in some other way.

The boss comes across as a no nonsense woman. She is known to be a hard taskmaster. That explains how she could keep the megastar under control. But now that she is no longer managing him, he is back to his old ways. After all, old habits die hard. But as per a recent blind item, he has refused a movie which was to be produced by his relative. Looks like the not so pleasant box office performance of his last two movies has rattled him. But we wonder, why the blind item refers to him as an ex-superstar? Or are they hinting at his ex-GF, who is not as big as she used to be?

Blind Item

IF this is not shooting oneself in the foot then what is? A celebrity manager, who used to handle an ex-superstar, has sacked pretty much the whole office. The manager had discovered being made fun of via memes circulated by a chat group in the office. So livid was this person that the whole group was shown the door. A former confidant who chose to stay loyal is supposedly calling the shots now. So what’s better – to be a nice boss or be nice to the boss? We say, both.

Our Guess

Celebrity Manager: Reshma Shetty

Ex-Superstar: Katrina Kaif


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