Guess who: Entitled Star Kid’s Heroine Walks Out Of Project

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Rajeev Masand has published a blind item in Open The Magazine about an entitled star kid, whose heroine walked out of their project.

No other actor embodies the term “self entitled” better than this star kid. While his father stayed in a chawl in the suburbs of Mumbai before he made it big, his son got things served on a silver platter. This actor’s kids are the best examples of kids raised wrong. Barring the low profile one, both the kids who are actors come across as brash & entitled. Neither of them have any talent whatsoever. But while the daughter managed to bag a few big projects & make a mark for herself, the son is an absolute disaster. He has no screen presence whatsoever. An actress spoke everybody’s mind when she named the son publicly when quizzed about the star kid who would be nowhere had it not been for his father. While it was too harsh on her part to shame him publicly, we feel this star kid deserves it.

While he is a horrible actor whose career is going nowhere, he is very lucky when it comes to the ladies. Apart from dating a bevvy of beauties, this actor has also dated a popular star kid. But the star kid’s mother made her breakup with owing to his womanizing ways 7 to make her concentrate on her career.

While the father is known to be a ‘nayak’ on & off the screen, a source has a different opinion. Our source told us she felt violated just by the way he looked at her. He has a lecherous gaze. women feel uncomfortable around him. Sadly none of this will ever come out in the mainstream media.

Blind Item

A star child who fast acquired the reputation of being ‘too opinionated’ and ‘difficult’ is reportedly feeling stung after a promising young actress walked out of a project he’s doing. The actor, who belongs to a top film family in Bollywood, has made interesting choices so far but sadly they didn’t pay off. For his next move, he’s signed an interesting dark project that earlier had another actor attached. At the time, the actress in question—who broke out this year with a starring role in a very popular show—happily signed on to play a key central role, but when the leading man changed she expressed her reluctance to stay involved.

This did not go down well with the star kid, who’s believed to have sent her terse messages to the effect that she’s giving up a big opportunity “to be a part of something special”. She was especially affronted by his tone and condescending demeanour. She also explained that her problem wasn’t with the star kid, per se, but the fact that she thought he didn’t suit the part; that she felt he was too young for the role. But now she’s taken aback by his entitled behaviour and is convinced she doesn’t even want to consider the project.

Our Guess

Star Child: Harshavardhan Kapoor

Dark Film: Farzi

Another Actor: Arjun Kapoor

Actress: Sobhita Dhulipala


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