Guess Who: Filmmaker Convinces Superstar To Quit

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Pinkvilla has published a blind item about a filmmaker who convinced a superstar to quit a remake project due to some beef with the director.

It is well known that this female filmmaker is a loudmouth, much like her tainted brother. Both say whatever is on their minds, often leading to fights with other celebs. While some swear by their sense of humor, others feel insulted. We wonder what is the reason behind, another filmmaker having some beef with this female filmmaker. she did have an issue with one top director, but then they buried the hatchet. Her brother rubbed a filmmaker the wrong way, but we wonder why he would take that out on his sister?

We wonder what her husband is up to these days? Is he still on forced exile after picking up a fight with the then reigning superstar? To be frank, all her husband did was to make fun of the film flopping. This was enough for the superstar to lose his cool & slap him. This is blatant hypocrisy considering how the superstar never shied from making fun of flops of other stars. Some rumor mongers insist that the host of the party where this incident happened – a senior, now doing character roles superstar too slapped him for hitting on his wife, when he was in jail! Now this senior superstar himself hits on everything that moves. He himself is not against bedding other men’s wives & GF’s. But when someone flirted with his wife, he lost his s%$t. Last heard the husband was directing a film, which was produced by his wife.

Blind Item

Bollywood’s crop of directors and producers seem to be in a mood to strike when the iron is really, really hot. This remake has long been in the making and has garnered attention for all the wrong reasons. With a superstar turning down the project because he was not too excited by the script, left its director and producer in the lurch. However, an insider now tells us that there may be more than what meets the eye.

Turns out, another filmmaker played an important role in successfully getting this superstar to back out of the remake. Well, we wonder what was on the table then.

Industry sources say this top filmmaker convinced the superstar to exit the remake by convincing him that the script of his new project was along the lines of the remake. He claimed his script was better than the remake. But this was apparently not done to woo the actor. The filmmaker has had some beef with the director of the remake and only wanted to get back. Well, talk about professionalism.

Our Guess

Remake: Satte Pe Satta

Superstar: Hrithik Roshan

Director & Producer: Farah Khan – Rohit Shetty

Another Filmmaker: Luv Ranjan


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