Guess Who: Filmmaker’s Ambitious Project Shelved

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Supercinema has published a blind item about an ambitious filmmaker whose upcoming project got shelved.

When we met the execs of the company producing the movie, we congratulated them for it. The movie, whose posters featured a top actress had made quite a splash. But we were wondering why the execs did not seem enthused when we mentioned the movie. They made it clear that apart from the movie, they want their company to be known for their other initiatives as well. Now we know why!

The actress mentioned in the blind item is not having a great run at the box office. Her latest film was not a hit. Although that did not stop the makers from throwing a success party! Although, the film did decent business considering its genre & urbane treatment, it was no hit. One might wonder whether she has any projects in hand, considering this project has been shelved & sh has picked fights with almost all of bollywood. But as it turns out talented actors are never out of work in bollywood.

Blind Item

Here is the case of this filmmaker and his upcoming ambitious project which got shelved recently. The story according to our highly placed sources goes something like this – this film that this producer was very excited to take on the floors had to be stopped just weeks away from it mounting the sets. The filmmaker had announced this film with a female lead but apparently couldn’t get a formal studio on board which was a prerequisite for the female lead to the do the film in the first place. Our sources reveal that the filmmaker had a hefty cut for him when he offered the film to studios around the city and they knew the fast one that he was trying to pull, hence stayed clear of his project. Now, with the female lead returning his advances the filmmaker doesn’t have a film and it will be interesting to see if he can get another lead in time to take the film on the floors according to his original plans or he would’ve to shelve the film completely which looks more likely to happen given the recent turn of events.

Our Guess

Director: Razneesh Ghai

Actress: Kangana Ranaut

Movie: Dhaakad


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