Guess Who – Girlfriend Spends Lakhs On Gifts For Married Actor Beau

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BollywoodLife has published a blind item about a rich GF spending lakhs on gifts for her married actor beau.

There have been several blind items about this couple heading for divorce. Many blind items hinted at a third person being the reason behind the divorce. We finally have some more info as to who that third person is. This actor is shrewd. He dates women who comes from affluent backgrounds. While his wife is the daughter of a head honcho, his GF too seems to be wealthy.

But all this doesn't compensate for the fact that he has been out of work & spending time at home playing daddy. We would respect him more if he would be doing quality movies. Even if it meant acting in movies produced by his superstar mamu.

Blind Item

The news of this much in love couple's marriage being on the rocks has shocked many. After all, they were the picture of perfect domestic bliss. While rumours that a third party drove a wedge in the relationship is doing the rounds, here is some more gossip on who is the lady behind the apparent mess in the couple's paradise. A source told us, "Well, the actor in question was making frequent trips abroad for his new business venture. They met and bonded during that time. The young lady is the relative of a socialite who is very close to the Bandra girls BFF gang. She is very much into literature and poetry. The two bonded on an intellectual level."

This is not all. Our source further informed that this young lady who comes from an extremely rich background recently splurged on her beau in Paris. She spent around six to seven lakhs buying books and other stuff for her boyfriend from a well-known store in the French capital. "The two are going strong," said our source. It is not unusual to hear about marriages breaking in showbiz due to a third party. In fact, it is getting common outside showbiz as well

Our Guess

Actor: Imran Khan Wife: Avantika Mallik


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