Guess Who: Heartthrob Asks Producers Not To Succumb

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Mumbai Mirror has published a blind item about a Bollywood heartthrob who has asked his producers not to succumb to the lure of big bucks offered by OTT platforms.

Actors are known to a self-centered lot. Bollywood celebs are no different. One would expect celebs to be understanding of the plight of the producers in light of the COVID-19 outbreak. But instead, they are concerned about their own well being. The producer losing money is not their concern. Not just this celeb, many other celebs are guilty of this behavior.

Our sources inform, how these celebs are big-time cheapskates. One would expect them to be sophisticated & take care of their own expenses considering the entire A-list is full of millionaires. But even A-list celebs don’t think twice before passing on the bills of everything from their shopping expenses on shoots abroad, food ordered from fancy restaurants, flight tickets of their family members who accompany them on their shoots, etc. They mentioned how they could literally count the names of celebs who take care of their own expenses on their fingers.

Surprisingly a star who is a producer’s son too is a jerk to his producers. He must have seen his father getting perturbed by the behavior of the celebs starring in his movies. But that doesn’t stop him from being unprofessional & giving his producers a tough time. Industry insiders are not shocked that all his movies are flopping. He is picking bad films, is unprofessional & spends way too much time on his relationship.

Blind Item

At a time when OTTs are offering a fat packet to acquire movies to premiere on their platforms instead of deferring them until cinemas open, several industry folks are preferring to wait and watch. Apparently, an international player had offered a large sum for this young actor’s upcoming rom-com. However, the heartthrob told his producers to not succumb to the lure and wait for cinema halls to open. The young actor is willing to take this huge risk, since his last couple of films have been duds. In case the next one is a flop too, he can blame it on the virus. Plus, get to retain his reputation as a “film”

Our Guess

Actor: Varun Dhawan

Producers: Vashu & Jackky Bhagnani

Movie: Coolie No.1


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