Guess Who – Little Consequence For MeToo Accused

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Rajeev Masand has published a blind item in Open The Magazine, about a director who was outed in the MeToo movement but is suffering little or no consequences for his actions.

As the #MeToo movement raged storm in Bollywood last year, several of the well-known faces were accused. This necessary step wreaked havoc in the careers of the alleged molesters and very rightfully so. But then, it’s difficult to keep some people away for too long. That is exactly what is happening with this particular director. Sources reveal he is planning his comeback with this hot male actor with whom he has worked before in a multi-starrer franchise famous for it’s hilariously insignificant plots and churned out gold from the box office. This though deeply saddens us to see the ultimate fate of the perpetrators in Bollywood.

Many others have escaped even being named by paying off their victims. Sadly like the perverts admit, everyone in bollywood has a price. You pay them their price & they will literally let you off even if you commit murder! The actor mentioned in the blind item was one of the few classy men in bollywood. He is a post graduate & even spoke out against bollywood stars shamelessly dancing at weddings for money. Sadly, he too did not think twice before collaborating with such a sleazeball. Hollywood on the other hand stood behind their women & set an example.

Blind Item

In further evidence that there has been little consequence for those named and shamed in the MeToo wave, it turns out a filmmaker who had to exit his under-production film after being accused of sexual harassment some months ago is already plotting his comeback. The director was accused by more than one woman, and after the leading man of his film distanced himself from the filmmaker, he had to quit the project.
Now, according to well-placed sources, one learns the filmmaker has been meeting a buffed- up action star for a film together. The actor was on a lucky streak last year that sadly ended with his most recent release, a spy thriller that tanked at the box office. According to sources, the actor has had multiple meetings with the director and they’ve agreed on a script. Since the actor is likely to produce the film himself, it could be easier to hire the director without opposition from other parties. Ironical because the actor has worked with the director previously (in a multi-starrer film) and famously complained that he did not enjoy the experience.
Just months ago there were rumours the director (also a popular television personality) was putting together a one-man stage performance he was intending to travel with since film work was proving hard to come by. It seems however that public memory is short, and Bollywood’s attitude towards harassment is dismissive at best. Sigh.

Our Guess
Director: Sajid Khan
Actor: John Abraham


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