Guess Who – Macho Actor Paid Money To Contest Elections

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Pinkvilla is the source of this blind item about a macho action hero being paid a huge amount for contesting the elections.

This action hero was a superstar back in the 90’s but now he has gradually lost his sheen. He now occasionally stars in bland movies from his own production house with his family members,mainly his father,a yesteryear superstar and his brother.

The actor has always been a very reserved person. His movies back in the 90s were major blockbusters and had the recurring theme of patriotism and justice. It has been some time he is trying to launch his 30 year old son in Bollywood. But due to successive failures at the box office in the recent years, he had suffered huge monetary losses. He also has been going steady with a yesteryear actress, who is the mother-in-law of a superstar. They were clicked together during a secret holiday in London. But one must say that he is one of the most honorable celebs we have in Bollywood. No involvement in a MeToo type scandal or any scandal for that matter. Sources claim that he made a superstar fear getting whacked by him after he felt cheated by the size of his role in a movie which was a huge hit in the 90’s. The superstar had to call this actor’s father to come over to the studio & calm his son down. The actor had slapped the producer’s son by the time the call was made!

Apparently the political party has approached him a lot of time previously and were willing to pay him a hefty amount. He finally accepted the offer to get himself out of crisis. His father’s wife is also a part of that political party and has been actively campaigning for the same in the upcoming Lok Sabha Elections. Her step-mother’s shenanigans making for funny videos.

Blind Item

A lot of celebrities are campaigning for various political parties this year for the upcoming elections and Bollywood is not far behind. While some are campaigning openly, others are contesting and the rest are discreetly supporting on social media. But a recent and sudden decision of this top action star to contest elections took many by surprise and even, shocked many including his Bollywood friends. We just got to know the reason behind it…
The macho action star has been involved in the launch of his son for some time now. A lot of time has gone and plenty of money has been spent. Yet, the film is not complete which has been a cause of worry and stress for the star whose financial debts have been piling up for his well-established production house, which has been there for years. The actor recently announced his entry into politics but what we heard was that he was being pursued by political parties since months now but kept turning down various offers as politics didn’t interest him. He is an introvert who is happy to be with his family and close friends. The last offer to contest the elections this time again came 10 days ago but again, he refused it.

This time some close friends of his stepped and requested him to change his mind. Apparently, he has been neck-deep in debts for years now and political parties were offering him big money to contest. His debts had run over Rs 50 crore and when he could pay off all his production debts with that amount of money, his well-wishers insisted, why not accept the offer? He had to launch his son too in a rom-com and the process had been long-drawn till now. The money would come in useful to begin and complete the movie and help in clearing some debts too, his friends said…

After much deliberation, the actor finally said yes to the political party. Naturally many of his Bollywood colleagues were shocked but his face will add a much-needed boost to the campaign as he is known for his nationalistic movies and honesty to his craft. A man of few words, the actor is devoted to his family and has even acted in a movie free of cost for one of his family members. He has always been driven more by emotion than anything else… But money makes the world go around as they say… Aur, naa naa karte, haan kar baithe…

Our Guess

Macho Action Hero- Sunny Deol


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