Guess Who – Makers Of This Movie Are Trying To Salvage It

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Mumbai Mirror has published a blind item about the makers of a movie which released recently. The makers are trying to salvage the film by reducing its length.

This blind item has come a bit late in the day. The movie has already been declared a hit at the box office. The megastar & his favorite director have nothing to worry anymore. There were news reports which stated that the megastar leading man & his director had a fallout over the length of the movie. Which the megastar wanted the movie’s length to be shortened, the director felt the length will not be an issue. The director refused to shorten the film. The megastar is not used to things not going his way. As expected he gave his director a piece of his mind & is rumored to have asked him to leave his home.

The megastar & the director are currently shooting for the third installment of their hit franchise. Now that the movie has been declared a hit, a patch up is just round the corner.

Blind Item

A RECENT release that has opened to lukewarm to snooze reviews isn’t in the mood to go down in history as a damp squib. The makers are trying to salvage the film. We hear they had planned a re-edit, to shorten the film’s sonorous length down to a more acceptable size. But then they were duly informed that a reedit meant they would have to submit to the Censor Board once again and ask for another certificate. Too much in the public eye, no? So now they have decided to let the film carve its own destiny, for better or worse.

Our Guess

Recent Release: Bharat

Makers: Ali Abbas Zafar & Salman Khan


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