Guess Who: Me Too Director Is Taking Creative Calls On Remake

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Pinkvilla has published a blind item about a MeToo accused director who is taking creative calls on the remake of cult classic.

The much touted remake of a yesteryear hit has piqued the interest of fans. Not only is a greek god superstar been signed on to play the lead role, a prominent actress is cast opposite him. The director too has a good track record at the box office. Sadly for the director both the men in her life- her husband & her brother are big time sleazeballs. She has caught her husband cheating red handed several times. But she let it slide owing to her three kids. Her brother is the most notorious name to come out of the MeToo movement. We feel sad for her. But we don’t believe that neither she nor her famous cousins never knew about her brother being a pervert.

Don’t be shocked if the brother is accepted in the industry gradually. We predict he will be back to directing movies within 2-3 years. Meanwhile his ex-GF is trying to mend fences with him. Wasn’t she too close to a superstar & a producer?

Blind Item

Apart from being a part of a filmy family, he is also a reputed director known for his masala entertainers. But when the Me Too movement started in Bollywood, he had to quietly leave his own movie, amidst much uproar. Now his sibling is involving him in major creative decisions of the remake of a movie, starring a dancing superstar and spouse of a sportsperson. Does the filmmaker producing the movie know?

It was said to be the announcement of the year, but it’s been seven months and still the project is yet to be announced. Remake rights issues and lack of Bollywood’s top superstars pushed back the grand launch of this movie, till the dancing superstar came to their rescue and gave his nod. Now talks are on with the spouse of a sportsperson to come on board too. The big-budget, multi-starrer entertainer, and the first production to roll from the stable of a ‘hit machine’ director is being helmed by a sassy director, who loves to talk. Everything was going well till the project hit a snag – getting the remake rights of the movie from a reputed Bollywood person. The script of the remake needed to be fixed and certain creative changes required as they couldn’t go ahead with the original script.

Who better than to consult the director’s own sibling – known for his great sense of humour and entertaining movies? The sibling has attended all the script narrations till now. Buzz is that the sibling was even present during the scriptwriting process at a beautiful beach getaway a few months ago with his relative, the movie’s writer, and some members of the production team.

When the first draft of the movie got completed and was narrated last week at a hush-hush meeting held at the sibling’s home, the sibling sat and gave creative inputs to both the production and the creative teams, while his relative (the director of the remake), sat quietly and heard him out. The superstar was also present but didn’t participate much in the discussions. The filmmaker, who is producing the movie, has handed pretty much handed over the reins to the star director (who is directing the remake) and is anyways, not in town, so he cannot say anything. But the question is, how would he take it if he knew that his star director, was involving the sibling in the creative aspects of the remake?

Interestingly, the handsome, dancing superstar, was quick to get on his high moral horse and replace someone from the creative team of one of his recent movies, because his name had got entangled in the Me Too movement. There’s speculation that the superstar is so keen to do the remake at any cost that he has given his consent because of that. He is close to both the siblings and hoping that by the time the movie is announced, the sibling who was named the Me Too movement, would come out of professional hibernation.

Last we heard the writer of the remake has been complaining to his friends in Bollywood. He thinks at the end of the day, he may be given a raw deal, as he may have to share credit with the director’s sibling, though he has carved a niche for himself in the writing department as a master wordsmith.

Our Guess

Director: Sajid Khan

Sibling: Farah Khan

Dancing Superstar: Hrithik Roshan

Actress: Anushka Sharma

Other Director: Rohit Shetty


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