Guess Who: Movie Star Disses Filmmaker-Chat Show Host

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A leading tabloid has published a blind item about a movie star who dissed a filmmaker-chat show host in a video.

The blind item speaks about a movie star who is seen dissing a filmmaker’s popular chat show. He is then seen mentioning how he & an actress had decided to get the entire industry to boycott the show. The star then goes on to complain about how the filmmaker makes money at his expense. He then goes on to dismiss the coveted prize the celebs win on the show.

Many are questioning the timing of the video making the rounds of the internet. How did a video shot several years back suddenly go viral? But to be fair to the movie star, he is not wrong. The movie star’s late father had come down heavily on a few female stars & the host for having a laugh at the expense of his son’s reputation. Truth be told the late actor should have first schooled his son to stop being a walking d*&*o & not the women.

But the filmmaker went on to host several seasons of the toxic show. The show was the epicenter of several controversies. Many celebs were at the receiving end of b*&^y comments. Several of those comments are now coming back to haunt some celebs. Despite these stars protesting the filmmaker showed no inclination towards either changing the show’s format. While the celeb guests got nothing apart from a token high-end phone, the host went back home several millions richer.

Now one can’t blame people for labeling the filmmaker as a bully. The celeb who was self admittedly at the receiving end of jokes & bullying in school is now bullying others by instigating journos & his celeb pals to attack others.

All the star kids including the ones who have always warm & cordial to outsiders too have to now bear the brunt for the filmmaker’s stupidity & greed. The movie star was shrewd enough to exonerate himself of any wrongdoing when it comes to that toxic show. It is likely that he ‘nudged’ his fans to make the video go viral.

Not only is the celeb hugely talented, but he is also a warm person. Barring women & cocaine, there is nothing to complain about. He is grounded despite being a 4th generation actor.

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3 thoughts on “Guess Who: Movie Star Disses Filmmaker-Chat Show Host

  • June 25, 2020 at 2:26 pm

    Easiest one on this site

    KJO and Ranbir

  • June 29, 2020 at 3:15 am

    But kjo Nd rk is best friends??
    Even alia said he is like her father.
    Alia & ranbir weeding is on 12 Nov so as a godfather kjo will also attend.
    Is there is fight btw them??


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