Guess Who – Producer Refused To Pay Up

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This blind item has been published by Mumbai Mirror about this producer who has garnered a bad reputation for not paying up.

The producer is a well known face and has churned out commercially successful as well as critically acclaimed films in the recent times. His last production, a romantic comedy starring two most promising stars have done really well at the box office. Last year too his production house was behind an amusing film that was loved by all. The movie can be considered a pioneer of its genre in recent times in Bollywood. Now, in spite of his movies being successful and amassing huge wealth, he is reluctant to pay the team he gave his word to.

The producer recently got married, & was linked up to one of his heroines. The heroine seemed to be on the rebound, after her breakup with an actor.

Recently, we have also heard about another producer who, too, is reluctant to provide for the basic necessities to his actors on the set. We wonder what these people intend to do with all this money.

Blind Item

This well known producer of some recent hits has picked a dodgy reputation when it comes to paying up. Some creative persons from one of his recent films were promised a share of profits for virtually putting the entire film together.The contract was signed and the deal sealed, but after the film released and became successful, the team was in for a shock.They chased the producer from pillar to post, and even employed the services of a lawyer. Eventually the producer came around and gave them a smaller amount, and the team just wrote off the rest. Tch.

Our Guess

Producer: Dinesh Vijan


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