Guess Who: Reason Why Superstar Shelved His Movie

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Mumbai Mirror has published a blind item about the reason behind a superstar shelving his upcoming movie, which was to be directed by a top filmmaker.

This movie was touted to be the biggest movie release of 2020. Then came the rumors that the superstar & filmmaker were clashing over their choice for costume designer. Now it has been confirmed that the movie has been shelved. As per this blind item the reason seems to be the director charging 75cr for the movie. We also were told that there were a lot of creative differences between the superstar & the filmmaker. But both claim that they parted on amicable terms. The good thing with this superstar is that he gives a lot of leeway to people he is really fond of.

The A-list actress who claimed to “jump up & down” on hearing the news of her starring opposite the superstar saw her dreams dashed. We doubt whether she will ever get another chance to work opposite him. The superstar claimed on social media that he will release one of his movie on his preferred holiday. Which movie will that be? That is the million dollar question!

Blind Item

A film top-lining a leading filmmaker, a superstar and the current it-girl of Bollywood may have sounded like a fairy tale, but it turned out to be just a pipe dream. With the director known to extend budgets as well as schedules on a whim, it was believed that the larger-than-life project may not finish on time. And then he is said to have demanded Rs 75 crore from the star, who is also the co-producer. Oh well, guess the industry is happier paying ridiculous amounts to stars but not the rest.

Our Guess

Filmmaker: Sanjay Leela Bhansali

Superstar: Salman Khan

It Girl: Alia Bhatt

Film: Inshallah


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